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At some point it becomes illogical to ask "what caused it" or "what comes before". Both these questions postulate the prior existence of time. If time itself came into being, then asking "what caused this" or "what happened before this" is meaningless since both questions imply a time based causation which could not have happened in the absence of time itself.

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by bhagwad (#46229277) Attached to: Majority of Young American Adults Think Astrology Is a Science

It's comforting because it means you're important. If there is a god who cares enough (either way) to send you to hell if you're bad and reward you if you're good, then you're not someone're a person worthy of god's attention. Otherwise god would just say "yeah, whatever...hell, heaven...I don't give a shit!" Feeds beautifully into our innate narcissism. If you go to hell, you're a badass gangsta worthy of the company of Lucifer himself.

It bring out the inner masochist in us. We gain pleasure from being crapped on and punished. Because even that way we're not being ignored.

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Unlikely. Most probably people are more and more depressed over the random nature the world and all the crap that can happen to them. Since astrology provides a nice safe structure to explain shit, it must be very comforting to believe in something...anything! Probably explains why people are still religious.

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by bhagwad (#45636875) Attached to: Storing Your Encrypted Passwords Offline On a Dedicated Device

Am I the only one terrified that if something happens to my one "dedicated device", I'm screwed? The reason I keep my encrypted passwords in the cloud is that the service provides have redundancy. I'm seriously fucked if I lose access to my data store. How could anyone possibly sleep in peace knowing that their entire lives revolve around the safekeeping of one fallible hardware device??

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by bhagwad (#45366489) Attached to: CIA Pays AT&T Millions To Voluntarily Provide Call Data

And yet some people I've spoken to would rather trust AT&T than a company like Google when it comes to their choice of Internet Service Provider. I'm always amused by these guys.

"Google is evil! How can you even think of taking Internet service from them? AT&T? Oh sure! Sign me up!"

Apparently they believe that just because Google is an ad company they'll sell your personal information for cash. Well, no they won't because that's not how it works and they'd be pretty stupid to do that since their entire business model is based on trust. And second...well apparently AT&T is straight up selling data for money. Surprise surprise!

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