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Comment Re:I'm careful about using the term "Evil" (Score 1) 108

Anyone who willingly and knowingly infects a medical device with the purpose of causing harm is deserving of the death penalty. Full stop. These people are already a true menace, but medical equipment? This goes beyond the pale. Hang them from neck until dead in public.

At the very least, classify the programmer of the malware as a terrorist, sikk Seal Team Six on him/her and send them to Gitmo.

Comment Re:Internet News (Score 1) 181

American footballers are schoolgirls. Too soft to play without armour, too thick to follow the rules of rugby union.

Yeah right. But I don't see rugby players drilling someone at full speed preparing to catch the ball liike they do when American Football punt receivers are about to catch a punt (unless they call fair catch of course).

Comment Re:SO when you pay people... (Score 1) 500

They like working for you... Who'da thunk?

Hmmm...weird......you pay your workers well and treat them like human beings and they turn around and will go thru hell and back for the company. Work their asses off to make the company better via increased productivity and quality and have LOYALTY to the company. Such a novel concept that most modern businesses seem to have forgotten about....


Comment Re:In other news.... (Score 3, Insightful) 500

Why? This is part of the problem, it shouldnt matter. $75,000 is more than enough money to live off of almost anywhere in the country. I HATE that people expect to be raised up equally every time we try to lift the floor up a few inches for those on the bottom. It shouldnt matter what your coworker makes as long as you have enough in your bowl.

Where's my mod points when I need them? Totally agree! When someone has "scratched shit with the chickens" as my mom used to say and have lived thru what they are going thru, you tend to appreciate what the folks on the bottom of the totem pole face on a daily basis and are happy to see their lot in life improved by something such as this instead of snorting "Where's my fucking raise?". If I recall, even the higher earners got a 5K raise. Better than nothing, I say. You are already making enough money. Get over it.

Comment Re:Debt collectors don't like robo calls either... (Score 0) 216

You sound like a real winner. Don't want debt collectors calling you? Don't get into debt. Pay what you OWE. It is your obligation. You agreed to do it when you took the credit.

Just shut up you fucktard.....you probably still live at home with Mommy and have no freaking clue how the real world works....

Comment Re:And this is why war can never be automated (Score 1, Insightful) 289

As far as Japan and the end of WWII is concerned, we should have forgone the nukes, invaded and if it caused hundreds of thousands of deaths on either side, then so be it.

Your tune would change if your ass was about to be drafted into the armed forces to take part in said invasion, like so many men were in that war.

Comment Re:Holy Shit. This iIs Awesome. (Score 1) 49

Holy shit. This is awesome. The article contains virtually nothing beyond some large statistics and a picture of an ice hole and some cable trays.

No kidding......would like to have seen more pics of the computing hardware. :( Fascinating project, though. Would hate to be in charge of the tape rotations. I wonder how many tape drives they have and their capacity?

Comment Re:Or put another way... (Score 1) 398

Fair point. Though in many cases it backfires when it comes to people like me. If I remember a company because of their obnoxious ads, I'm actually less likely to buy from that company, even if they have a superior product or a lower price. For me, it's a matter of principle.

No kidding! Remember 'Lowermybills(dot)com'?? I HATED their stupid GIF ads that were everywhere!

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