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Comment: Re:One can only hope (Score 1) 62

by bev_tech_rob (#49800367) Attached to: MIT Trains Robots To Jump

that in a divine justice way, the researchers who develop these things are close by when Skynet turns these robots into killing machines.

Naw...the next step is to make the robot bi-pedal with a shiny chrome plated metal endoskeleton, able to run and jump and carry a large mini-gun at the same time. THEN Skynet will do its dirty work!

Comment: Re:I wonder how long... (Score 2) 50

I wonder how far technology would have to advance and how long it might be before people actually choose to have a limb or limbs removed specifically so that they can be replaced with something more powerful or capable? 20 years? 100 years? Or would natural human aversion to losing body parts prevent this?

For folks with muscular degenerative diseases, I would think it would be a Godsend. If my limbs were wasting away due to some ailment, hell yea I would have them swapped out. Now if they could get ocular implants perfected (like Geordi LaForge in Star Trek - Nemesis), I would swap out my lazy eye in a heartbeat so I could have 20/20 vision (or close) in both eyes!

Comment: Re:It's finally time (Score 1) 314

by bev_tech_rob (#49570645) Attached to: Feds Say It's Time To Cut Back On Fluoride In Drinking Water

Here in the USA Dental health is looked at as a luxury. Dentists fight like hell to keep costs high and insurance crappy.

It's a crime that most americans have almost no dental care they can afford. Yes most. you have to count the 90% that make less than $65,000 a year.

No kidding.....I owe over $1400 to my dentist AFTER insurance paid last year due to several crowns and root canals I had to have done. Luckily he is very good at working with you and setting up payment plans that you can easily deal with. But I would rather not have that debt hanging over my head if dental insurance was a little better.

Comment: Re:There goes most of Shadow IT (Score 1) 190

by bev_tech_rob (#49527979) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Device Guard For Windows 10

In Corporate America IT: You build a an image with complete OS and App stack, test, verify, and deploy to workstations. If that's too much trouble, then just roll out a Terminal Server with thin-clients. The idea is to either mitigate risks, reduce redundancy in the process, or a combination of all the above.

IT is a cost center; it's an occupation not loved, but deemed a "necessary evil".

Snarky slogan time: Get over IT!!!

Thin clients and Citrix. Problem solved. That is how we do it here.

Comment: Re:The Big 3 Enemies for any Big LAN (Score 1) 48

by bev_tech_rob (#49521837) Attached to: The Logistics of an eSports Tournament
Mod parent insightful.

Another issue to watch for is air conditioning, especially if the LAN is in a smaller room. You basically have a small data center running and all those machines generate a lot of heat. A bunch here locally ran a small LAN party (40-50 players) in one of our large conference rooms at my place of work in the dead of winter. They had to throw open the external doors and deploy fans until facilities management could turn on the A/C for that room (and it was a cold-ass day that day). It was roasting in that room until it cooled down.

Comment: Re:Boring (Score 1) 48

by bev_tech_rob (#49521663) Attached to: The Logistics of an eSports Tournament

Strong this.

I watch League of Legends professional play fairly regularly.

I'm personally Platinum-ranked in League of Legends myself. This means I'm (barely) in the top 10% of LoL players.

The pros know SO MUCH more than I do, the way they develop and execute strategies, the little tricks they use to get the most out of their champions, it's all on a whole other level from what I know/do. So I watch them to learn from them. For those who play League, I mean things like using flash during Gragas bodyslam or Vi vaultbreaker to instant-hit the spell before your enemy can dodge, stuff like that. Before I watched LCS I didn't know you could flash mid-spell without interrupting the spell. I became a better player because I adapted what I watched into my own repertoire.

I don't honestly care very much who wins, although some teams are known for more innovation than others, so I tend to root for them >_>

We have a 5v5 LoL tournament coming up in my town next month and am looking forward to checking it out. Not gonna play, tho. Haven't even tried to play LoL. Now if it had RPGs and mini-guns, I might give it a shot. ;)

Comment: Re:Boring (Score 1) 48

by bev_tech_rob (#49521641) Attached to: The Logistics of an eSports Tournament

I'm 38 years old. I've been gaming since as long as I can remember. From arcade games, home computers, consoles, and handhelds. I'm still a gamer today. But I can't imagine anything as boring as watching other people play a videogame. I'd rather watch golf and I don't even play.

About 10 years ahead of you in age, but still enjoy gaming. Just built a real nice rig to play BF4 and other FPS games and am currently playing more games than ever since. I still enjoy watching other folks play, especially the FPS genre. Follow a few gamers on Twitch and watch some of the matches via Twitch's main page occasionally. Granted there are some games like LoL and the *craft ilk that I don't understand, but still fun to watch those players do things that I don't have to eyesight nor the reflexes to ever replicate. IMO is WAAAAYYYYY more boring to watch...rather watch da game strams.....

Comment: Re:Honestly ... (Score 1) 342

by bev_tech_rob (#49471723) Attached to: Allegation: Lottery Official Hacked RNG To Score Winning Ticket

I'm actually surprised there haven't been more cases of insiders rigging lotteries.

I should think knowing all of those zillions of dollars are just sitting there would cause more people to decide to see if they could get away with it.

I had always thought, like so many lotteries for random things, that those associated with the company, even by merely being a family member of someone that is employed by them, makes it so that they can not participate in the drawings. It is so common place of a rule, I thought it was required by federal law. I suppose it isn't.

Well, if they can't catch him, good on him. I'm certain they will add the law / rule during this trial.

According to the article, that rule was in place for this lottery. Video cameras caught him buying the ticket, but the drone behind the counter probably didn't know him from Adam...

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