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Comment Those drone pilots better be pretty good.... (Score 2) 180

It's one thing arming drones with mace, tazers, will be another HITTING someone with said tasers, mace, etc. I guess they could hire a bunch of professional RC flyers out there that have excellent skills in pinpoint piloting, but training Roscoe P. Coltrain to be able to fly a drone well enough to hit a moving or running target is another can of worms altogether..... LOL

Comment Re:It's like spectator sports (Score 1) 94

It's like spectator sports, but the audience may also be a player of the game.

Agreed. There is one streamer I follow on Twitch and he will get all of his followers together on one server or get them on a public server and play as a team. I have done that several for awhile, join the server he is on and play along for awhile, then go back to watching. Pretty fun!

Comment Re:I'm probably way too old (Score 1) 94

As for YouTube Gaming, I don't give it much of a chance. I'd say 25% chance it competes properly with Twitch, and about a 60% chance of it going the way of Google+. That leaves a quite-slim 15% chance of anything else, including, but not limited to, dethroning Twitch.

Or being an also-ran like Hitbox...

Comment Re:4GB ought to be enough for anybody (Score 1) 350

for general purpose desktop use anyways.

For general purpose use (i.e. browsing, email), I agree. Where extra RAM comes in handy is for running more programs CONCURRENTLY without hammering your DASD (whether SSD or HD based) based virtual memory with massive swapping back and forth to disk. More RAM enables you to get more tasks done at the same time. You can be rendering a video while at the same time, browsing the web, working with Quicken, checking email or FB, or even playing a game (assuming your CPU has enough cores/threads to spare). But as cheap as RAM is right now, might as well get as much as you can afford and what your system will accept. Right now I am running 16 GB on my Z97 based system, but have slots open on my motherboard if I ever see the need to double it (or if the memory I have suddenly goes on sale at a ridiculously low price).

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