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Comment: Re:Only for the first year (Score 2) 570

by bev_tech_rob (#48870305) Attached to: Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade
That was the impression I got from the article....similar to Win 8. I bought two licenses when they were $35 a pop (because they were CHEAP) and now they are priced similar to Win7 (~$100 or more depending on version).

I would have no problem with a subscription model if it is not too expensive (less than $100 / year perhaps?), but a lot of normal non-IT / tech savvy folks will balk at that no matter how cheap....

Not very many folks like on-going costs apart from car / house payments and utilities in my experience.

Comment: Re:Sorta related... the teletype machine (Score 2) 790

by bev_tech_rob (#48784267) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Sounds We Don't Hear Any More?

Fax machines are still very common in medical claims processing and mortgage underwriting. For medical claims, think Medicare - very old people, who insist on filling out paper forms. It's easier to fax them than scan and email - especially since the email has to be secure, because of HIPAA.

Oh yea.....we have two servers (Rightfax) that process faxes from all over our company (nursing homes and rehab). Faxes still used VERY extensively in healthcare! They like that hard copy...

Comment: Re:if it doesnt work (Score 2) 464

I should have said that coke-bottles are the ones that make peoples eyes look big from the other side (ie, make the wearer's eyes look big when you're not the wearer). I should have also included Normal: what we consider normal glasses are those for near-sighted people who need them to see far away. These are thinner than coke-bottles and don't have the bug-eyed affect.

Kinda like Milton's glasses in Office Space...

Comment: Re:Do You Even Revenue, Bro? (Score 2) 133

by bev_tech_rob (#48522201) Attached to: Chinese CEO Says "Free" Is the Right Price For Mobile Software

Okay I give up. I clicked through all the links, all the links from the links and read all those articles. Nowhere does it explain or even allude to a business model. Is this that 'mindshare' bullshit again? I don't know, this Re/code site is apparently affiliated with CNBC and from clicking on a few other articles feels just as mindless and worthless as CNBC. How do they monetize Battery Doctor, Clean Master and Photo Grid? Do they have ads?

Yes....just installed it for shits & grins and every other link or button points you back to the Play store to download more of their software. Got the Battery Doctor app. Will see how well it works as my battery has been crapping out lately.

Comment: Re:I did not participate (Score 1) 143

Was needing another monitor for my gaming pc. Checked Best Buy online and they had a very nice 24" Dell Flat Panel monitor for only $99 at Best Buy. Had to work the first half of the day Friday, so went Friday afternoon.

Store was quite busy, but no lines outside or anywhere. Big stack of the monitors in the computer dept. Got what I needed and didn't have to pile onto a rugby scrum to get it. I can't stand that early morning madness. I always wait to later in the afternoon when the idiots have left.

Comment: Yea....right (Score 3, Interesting) 720

Quote from headline -- " It will take the stress out of ordering (lines) at fast food restaurants..."

Yea, right. Just another place where we will be standing for 10 minutes behind some clueless ID10T trying to figure out how to use the kiosk, just like at the Walmarts with the self service checkouts.

If you know how to use the kiosks, they are fast and easy. But you always get someone who is clueless and cannot comprehend simple instructions on the screen holding you up in line.

A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing.