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Comment Re:Missing the big picture (Score 1) 300 300

Every country wants their laws to apply to everyone else, but doesn't think of the consequences then of having to apply everyone else's laws to themselves.

It's easy to avoid such consequences with a large enough military budget. Or why else would Google filter European search results referring to the DMCA?

Wth does the military have to do with it?

Comment Re:If you think Windows is bad (Score 0) 354 354

Try using a non-Safari-based browser in iOS

If these lusers cared about choice they wouldn't be using Windows or iOS. Doing something about that would require getting a clue, why it might even mean a little reading, and that's enough to stop most fat Americans from doing much of anything.

I know I am obviously feeding a troll (and you are some overseas elitist fuck), but most folks have a life and don't have time to sit in their mom's basement (like you) and figure out Linux and how to use SUDO and scripting and all the other hoops you have to jump thru to make Linux (or another other OS that only us geeks can use) usable. I have no problem with Linux and have used it quite often, but most 'fat americans' just want their computer to work and to allow them to do their tasks on a day to day basis.

Comment Re:REALLY? (Score 1) 684 684

"Why Is the Caps Lock Key Still So Prominent On Keyboards?"


Although, I do like to imagine some of the rage typists are actually holding in the [Shift] key...


Comment Re:Other kinds of energy weapons (Score 1) 83 83

Energy weapons and their relationship to individuals can be similar to bullets. If there's one with your name on it, there's nothing you can do about it. It's all the ones addressed "To Whom It May Concern" that you want to avoid.

You're talking about splash damage, not a bullet... ;)

Comment Re:Can't stop it (Score 1) 429 429

If they find you shared your salary, then your company might find another reason to fire you and terminate you for that other reason. In an at-will state it's easier..... "According to the latest performance review, you're just not a good fit for our company, so we have to let you go."

At my place of work, that is a termination offence to discuss pay and yes I live in an at-will state....

Comment Re:this is Japan (Score 1) 85 85

No no no, Enron had a lot of "related party transactions" (read: embezzling), where officers were making like 10 times what their Enron salary was from their business doing business with Enron.

But even in the same vein, Enron had practically no operating profit, not 1/3 of their stated operating profit. And they were claiming far bigger numbers.

This is bad, but Enron was... well, at least one jury has decided... more of a fraud than a company. Toshiba makes products and money

I had forgotten about that...I stand corrected.......

Comment Re:It all depends.... (Score 2) 285 285

"Cost of having police patrol the road (on foot, because it's now impassible to cars)"

I don't know where you live, but where I live, the fact that there wasn't a road has never stopped cops from driving there. Be it down sidewalks, bike paths, medians, fields and various other places that if I were to put my car I would get a ticket, they drive regularly.

Exactly......local law enforcement here in Arkansas has a 4x4 SUV or two in their fleet and there are plenty of washed out roads around our countryside. No problem for them to get around...

Comment Re:F14 is largely declassified (Score 1) 423 423

Arrest first and ask questions later, when such designs get out. I wonder how they will take that intimidation?

Doesn't matter. Only thing matters is how deep your pockets are retaining competent legal counsel. Usually your pockets run out before the government's, unfortunately.

Comment Re:Project administrators held PRC passports! (Score 3, Interesting) 142 142

Total and complete incompetence from the Obama administration where the only qualification that matters is political loyalty.

Shut up you freakin' troll! This shit has probably been going on like this for years before Obama (yes even during the Bushy era).

Comment Re:why haven't they been disbarred? (Score 1) 75 75

seriously, isn't the a good example of lawyers that should be disbarred? lying to the court and using the law to harass seems like good reasons to disbar a lawyer.

At the very least, shouldn't these lawyers be thrown IN JAIL for contempt at the very least? If Joe Blow was hauled into court and made one white lie to the judge, his ass would be in jail for 90 days!

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