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Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 2) 661

It is not the PC crowd being pissed off about something you say or do that worries me. It is their ability to influence an organization or person who has direct control over whether or not you stay employed at a certain company or otherwise fuck with your life or livelihood. That is what pisses me off.

If someone got a person fired for something said that otherwise wouldn't bother anyone, that person had better start looking over their shoulder for retribution (preferably physical retribution such as teeth knocked out by a hard right hook).

Comment Re:Why is everyone wearing headphones? (Score 1) 90

"Dear sirs, it has come to my attention that this newspaper contains a sports section. I do not follow sports and will never read about sports. Please cease putting things in your newspaper that I do not read."

In other words, U2xhc2hkb3QgU3Vja3M, get over are not special...

Comment Re:Simple.... (Score 1) 152

Isn't that what the article mentioned? Devices connecting to your INTERNAL network? Of course you cannot do anything about stuff connecting to 4G and outside WAPs.

From the article:

"Now is a great time to start to think about policy and procedure for the inevitable. As everything imaginable starts to ask for an IP address from your network, make sure you watch ingress and egress points and terminate encryption so you can properly inspect all traffic. What is your policy for things like the Amazon Echo, on your corporate network? "

You implement policies about what can or cannot access your company network. At my place of work, we have several wireless networks...some can access the internal production environment and some cannot (guest access, vendors, etc). If you want your gadget on the corporate network, you have to GET APPROVAL. Otherwise tough tacos.

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