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Comment Re:It's a lose lose (Score 1) 352

Give India a break, it *is* a democracy and it is only 60 years since it has gained independence from Britain which left it in not-the-greatest shape. It is true that there are problems of the lower castes, etc, but something is being done, albeit slowly, in terms of reservation in education and government jobs for the lower-castes. Why it was only 50 years ago that afro-americans in the US were second-class citizens.

Comment Re:Once again, Apple shows themselves to be Evil (Score 1) 541

I don't think it's so much "A Good Company" as "A company that makes well designed, albeit expensive, products." If I had the cash my PC would be a mac and my phone would be an iPhone... at least, if I could use anybody but AT&T with the iPhone. That's a bigger hurde than the cost.

I don't dislike Microsoft because of their business practices; I dislike Microsoft because I don't like the way they design most of their products. YMMV as always.

Well I don't like Microsoft not because they make bad software, but because they make it difficult for my OS of choice (Linux) to function well and compete on an even footing with their anti-competitive practices, sabotaging of truly open standards, etc. If they just make bad software, I don't have to use it. Unfortunately, if I need to edit an MS Office document cleanly I need MS Windows.

Comment Re:It's so very odd..... (Score 1) 1376

I think there is much confusion about the term agnostic. Since one cannot disprove the non-existence of any god, agnosticism is the most logical stance one can take. However, the fact that one is agnostic should mean that one is equally agnostic about Zeus, the christian or any other mainstream god, and (not to ignore the pastafarians) the FSM as there is little evidence to support any of them. I am, strictly speaking, agnostic, but for practical purposes, I'm an atheist.

Comment Re:I find most Indians incompetent (Score 1) 1144

A comment with the heading "I find most Indians incompetent" is "interesting"? It doesn't matter if you replace "Indians" with any other country, it is a patently stupid generalization. I am an Indian and I didn't go to IIT, but I can tell you that most of the guys who get into IIT every year are some of the smartest 2000 guys in a country of 1 billion people. True, some of them have an attitude but they are rather raw because they are undergraduates, but they are definitely very talented.

Comment Re:Much ado about nothing... (Score 1) 770

Really? I hold a Phd in Electrical Engineering from Maryland and I have several good friends who got their PhD's in the US (all of them had their tuition paid and stipends) and are now in India. Their average age is around 30 as well. Some of them worked here for a couple of years. I still think that the US attracts a lot of students who want to excel in engineering and science. Getting a suitable job in India for these highly qualified people is difficult because of the competition and the scarcity of good jobs, but that is fast changing.

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