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Submission + - The Helvetica font celebrates its 50th birthday

bertramwooster writes: "The BBC article on the Helvetica font's 50th birthday explores its popularity over the years. What are Slashdot readers' favourite fonts? Personally, having used LateX Computer Fonts for five years, I find most other fonts either unsuitable for printed text (Helvetica) or ugly (Times New Roman)."

Submission + - Lenovo tops eco-friendly ranking

bertramwooster writes: "This BBC article says "Chinese computer maker Lenovo has topped a ranking of the world's most eco-friendly electronics firms." Interestingly for slashdot readers, Nokia is second, and Apple brings up the rear in the list of 14 companies. While there has been some improvement, the campaigning group Greenpeace, that compiled the report shied away from describing any hardware maker as "green"."

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