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Comment: Re:I've already uninstalled the windows 10 nag ico (Score 1) 306

by reboot246 (#49818503) Attached to: Windows 10 Release Date: July 29th
That's exactly how my computers are set up to handle the updates. Microsoft can tell me about them, but let me choose which ones, when to download, when to reboot (if necessary).

I've always waited until after everybody else installs the updates on their computers, just so I'll know if one update screws up their system. It has happened before and it will happen again.

Comment: Never Ever Trust managers or the company. (Score 2) 449

All companies are out to screw you. So you are a fool. A complete fool, if you give the company any loyalty.

Do not be afraid or feel bad to jump ship to another company that is offering something better. Also don't ever be afraid to ask for more money, because I guarantee you are underpaid.

Comment: Re: We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 1) 344

First, I never said Solar. I said AE. It COULD be Solar, but it can also be wind, hydro, whatever. More importantly, HVACs use 1/2 to 2/3 of a buildings energy. By requiring a NEW building to have on-site AE energy equal to HVAC's energy, it allows builders to choose between:
1) insulating better ( R-30 in the walls aerogel based windows, etc),
2) using better forms of HVAC such as geo-thermal heatpumps,
3) using large amounts of AE,
4) OR various combinations within.

And since this is replacing the energy/money that would go out, this is NOT a tax, but simply requiring that ppl live cleaner, and pay up-front.

Secondly, I mostly agree about SpaceX, HOWEVER, the fact is, that they are doing INNOVATIVE work such as landing and re-use of the equipment. More importantly, spaceX's REAL innovation, like Tesla's and Solar Cities, is NOT seen. It is in their manufacturing.

3) Before the roadster came out, ppl said that Tesla would NEVER get off the ground like Musk promised.
Then when Roadster hit the market, they said that the Model S would NEVER go for under 100K like Musk promised. Now, ppl say that it will NEVER be down to the 35K like Musk promises.

If you are SO sure about your beliefs, then please short Tesla (and Solar City). Ideally, you should short Tesla in the next 2 weeks if you have any real belief and want to avoid being a hypocrite.

Comment: It's an "alternate release", so I'll bite (Score 2) 306

by msobkow (#49814239) Attached to: Windows 10 Release Date: July 29th

It's an "alternate" release, so I'll bite and install Windows 10. Historically, pretty much every second release of Windows was worth the effort of installing, with the "in between" release being a total screw up that never got deployed anywhere except for being pre-installed on devices.

Do you know of anyone who voluntarily ran Windows 8? Or paid for it as an upgrade?

Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 83

I actually browsed their website, too. I did see some crude edit-and-run tools for web development of JavaScript and such, but that kind of stuff had been bread-and-butter for a number of tools for years, so I can't see them being so stupid as to patent that. There is nothing "innovative" about it.

Comment: Re:Will anyone exploit it? (Score 1, Informative) 76

by Lumpy (#49813783) Attached to: Macs Vulnerable To Userland Injected EFI Rootkits

I see your education on macs and OSX is so horribly outdated that your comment is essentially useless. Many do worry about it this is why several virus scanner companies are making products for OSX. Hell you can even get a free Avast for OSX. They would not even bothered if people were not asking for it.

Comment: Re:Still needs another vulnerability (Score 2) 76

by Lumpy (#49813759) Attached to: Macs Vulnerable To Userland Injected EFI Rootkits

"Just this space where you can hide and survive an OS wipe and reinstall." IF the user only put the unit to sleep and then woke it. Simply turning off the unit for a short time before OS wipe and reinstall defeats this potential hole.

I am betting that Windows, BSD, and Linux have a similar vulnerability lurking.

Comment: Re: We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 2) 344

You have to be kidding.
Tesla has a supercharger that charges 80% in 40 minutes or less. Likewise, their batteries are not only, the cheapest per KW, but also lasting the longest of any li-ion in vehicles.
Spacex is working towards landing first stage as well as the capsule and re-using it quickly. Nobody had a pusher abort system that can be used for landing on earth as well as mars and the moon. In addition, nobody has done a full stage methane engine, but Tesla is testing theirs now.
now, we have solar city. At this time, I would not call them innovative, but that could change.
So, musk companies are adding massively to american economy, while others continue to outsource, while killing off R&D.

Comment: Re:MS Paint (Score 2) 278

by snowgirl (#49810507) Attached to: Windows 10 RTM In 6 Weeks

Most, I hate the Sparta icon... it's white, with no contrast border... which makes everything that is assigned to it being the default program, show a white globe on a white background... it's like, "way to go, Microsoft!" followed by a slow clap.

"clean" "modern" design... which will never work decently on all backgrounds... you know... like good logos, and designs...

You don't have to know how the computer works, just how to work the computer.