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Comment: Every single phone (Score 0) 118

by benmarvin (#36206332) Attached to: CyanogenMod: the History of an Android Hack
I've had CyanogenMod installed on every single phone I've owned, from the G1 back in the day, and the MyTouch Slide to the G2 I use now and the G2X I'll be using in the near future. It's really what pure Android should be from the start. Amazing how they can get updates and working builds to phones ages before the carriers get around to it. And all in the team's spare time. I will never buy an Android phone if it's not capable of running the latest CM builds.

Comment: As a webmaster (Score 0) 78

by benmarvin (#35789458) Attached to: Facebook Plans To Show Ads On Websites
It makes perfect sense to put Facebook type ads on my website. Just like AdSense is contextual to the content, Facebook ads will be tailored to the user. Assuming they're logged into Facebook, like such as with FB comments. Showing ads relevant to their location, "likes", etc. If the money is competitive with other ad networks I could see this being very successful for Facebook. As a web user however, I would find it as annoying as the ads on Facebook itself.

Comment: No reason (Score 0) 343

by benmarvin (#35261808) Attached to: Chrome May Drop the URL Bar
It's understandable on a mobile browser where screen real estate is a premium that the URL bar disappears unless you're actively typing an address. On the desktop (or laptop) browser, it's not really necessary. If you're that hard up for a few hundred more pixel of space, just use Full-Screen mode in Chrome.

Google Serves a Cease-and-Desist On Android Modder 336

Posted by kdawson
from the doubleplus-ungoogly dept.
Several readers sent in word that Google has served a Cease and Desist order to Cyanogen, one of the most prolific Android modders: his CyanogenMod is enjoyed by 30,000 users. The move is puzzling. Gizmodo wonders what Google's game is, and Lauren Weinstein calls the move "not of the high 'Googley' caliber" that one would expect of the company.

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