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Comment Re:Quick... (Score 1) 288

He was right about fixing security on airlines too back in 1999, but the Republicans allied with the airlines to reject reinforced cockpit doors, and Israel style airline security. They said it would hurt profits. He has been right about climate change too, many of the changes he predicted are happening. The downsizing of government was his work during the Clinton years. He pared it back to the size of the Eisenhower administration. Gore is very good at research, and that was why he was a good veep. If Clinton wanted to know if an initiative would work, he asked Gore to research the plan. Yep, nobody likes a smarty pants. Gore's money comes from his government pension, investments, and sitting on the board of directors of several companies like Google and Apple. He was the force behind Apple going green. All money from his climate books, movies, and speeches is funnelled into helping clean energy startups and different charities. When he travels, he buys carbon offsets.

Comment Re:Paul Ehrlich? (Score 2, Insightful) 294

How much of our problems stem from overpopulation? I think he was right about the dangers of overpopulation, but his timeline, and efforts to mitigate the damage was off. I remember when deer overran our area. They denuded large swaths of land. By the time the local governments got around to doing something to cull the herd, disease and hunger took them down. The human race will be culled either by self discipline (ZPG), or war, disease, and famine. Which course is the best in your opinion?

Comment The best form of execution is (Score 1) 1081

Death by Incarceration. Zapping, shooting, poisoning, hanging, or stoning cuts short their suffering. If you want to punish them, permanent "time out" alone in a cage should do the job. If by chance the person was wrongly convicted. there is still a chance to prove their case. The death penalty makes any mistake or official wrongdoing worse.

Comment Keep their camera/imaging dept. (Score 1) 188

Right now the real innovators in the camera market is Sony and Olympus. Sony is the supplier of sensors for many of the top camera brands.Olympus uses the same Sony Sensor on all of its ILC cameras. Check out the Sony A6000 and A7II. Olympus' new EM5 II, has taken the Sony sensor to new heights with its sensor shift technology. Sony and Olympus are working together on the new technology. Olympus needs Sony sensors, and Sony could use Olympus Lens tech and Oly's 5 axis IBIS. Sony's camera dept is bringing some excitement to the camera business, and reflects good on Sony. Good press attached to their name can't hurt.

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