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Comment Re:Paul Ehrlich? (Score 2, Insightful) 294 294

How much of our problems stem from overpopulation? I think he was right about the dangers of overpopulation, but his timeline, and efforts to mitigate the damage was off. I remember when deer overran our area. They denuded large swaths of land. By the time the local governments got around to doing something to cull the herd, disease and hunger took them down. The human race will be culled either by self discipline (ZPG), or war, disease, and famine. Which course is the best in your opinion?

Comment The best form of execution is (Score 1) 1081 1081

Death by Incarceration. Zapping, shooting, poisoning, hanging, or stoning cuts short their suffering. If you want to punish them, permanent "time out" alone in a cage should do the job. If by chance the person was wrongly convicted. there is still a chance to prove their case. The death penalty makes any mistake or official wrongdoing worse.

Comment Keep their camera/imaging dept. (Score 1) 188 188

Right now the real innovators in the camera market is Sony and Olympus. Sony is the supplier of sensors for many of the top camera brands.Olympus uses the same Sony Sensor on all of its ILC cameras. Check out the Sony A6000 and A7II. Olympus' new EM5 II, has taken the Sony sensor to new heights with its sensor shift technology. Sony and Olympus are working together on the new technology. Olympus needs Sony sensors, and Sony could use Olympus Lens tech and Oly's 5 axis IBIS. Sony's camera dept is bringing some excitement to the camera business, and reflects good on Sony. Good press attached to their name can't hurt.

Comment Re:Music variety (Score 1) 126 126

Look for streaming public radio stations. You might find something you like. Right now I am listening to some Steve Earle on a public station out of Whitesburg Ky (WMMT). Some of the best Rap I heard was on WRFL (Radio Free Lexington). Stations like these are a threat to corporate radio, so that's why there are attempts at defunding them or selling off their bandwidth to mega media.

Comment Public Radio! (Score 1) 126 126

Public radio has been a great resource for me. WUKY in Lexington has introduced me to some great musicians that would never get air time on corporate radio. You won't hear Christian McBride or Lucinda Williams on your local AM station. Chances are, you won't hear a live, local Dj on your radio unless you tune into your NPR station. I'm listening to WMMT streaming from Whitesburg Ky.

Comment Re:The problem with double standards. (Score 2) 292 292

The haulouts she points to were well south of the most recent haulout. Her example was in the Bering Sea, the most recent is in the Chukchi Sea. St Lawrence Island is not within the Arctic Circle. Point Lay is. Since her St Lawrence observation, ice loss has accelerated.

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