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Comment: Re:Note that this is a little different from softw (Score 1) 207

by bemymonkey (#49104383) Attached to: Wired On 3-D Printers As Fraud Enablers

Bit of a contradictrion here:

For software, generally speaking the copy is exactly the same as the original. No one collects software (only their medium), and its unlimited.


So being able to tell the originals from the copies apart kind of matters this time around.

If you can't tell the originals from the copies, wouldn't we be in the same situation as with software?

Comment: Re:no offense, but indeed in the 90s (Score 1) 100

by bemymonkey (#49045909) Attached to: Starting This Week, Wireless Carriers Must Unlock Your Phone

Wow, so Finland rocks, apparently. The largest packages you can get here in Germany are 15-20€ per month for 5 gigs, and they limit you to GPRS speeds (64kbps!) when you hit that limit. And you usually can't pay for additional data, you really have to wait until the next month (unless you're on an expensive carrier such as Vodafone, but there you'll usually be paying more than 20€).

Comment: Re: Why? (Score 1) 175

by bemymonkey (#48937753) Attached to: Microsoft Launches Outlook For Android and iOS

Is the Exchange client on Android possibly horrid? I've only used the regular stock IMAP client, but that was never very good, lagging behind the GMail app severely in terms of both features and polish. Maybe Android is the main reason?

Also, I'm sure Microsoft would prefer their branding on any Exchange clients, just to stay in the execs' heads every time they check their e-mail... it's built in retroactive marketing that keeps their clients locked in.

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