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Comment: Re:Drugs and programming (Score 2) 168

by bemymonkey (#47082063) Attached to: This Is Your Brain While Videogaming Stoned

The interesting thing is that I seem to have conditioned myself to only be good at videogames (I play mostly Counter-Strike GO these days) when I've had a sip of beer - not even a lot of beers, just one or two over the course of a few hours of gaming. I can't hit anything when I haven't cracked open a beer, but as soon as I take that first sip, the headshots start coming.

I'm actually sliding down in the ranks slowly because I've been too lazy to buy beer lately...

Comment: Re:How would this get rid of power cords? (Score 1) 130

by bemymonkey (#47056381) Attached to: Step Toward Liberating Electronic Devices From Their Power Cords

What kind of a workload are you looking at on the go? For office/web/coding, there are many laptops already available that will last longer than your typical smartphone.

I have a Thinkpad X220 (Sandy Bridge) that I unplug in the morning, use on battery all day (9 cell 94Wh) and then plug in when I get home, usually with 20-30% remaining after an active runtime of roughly 10 hours. A 13" MacBook Air should be able to improve on that time...

Comment: Re:Q: Why Are Scientists Still Using FORTRAN in 20 (Score 1) 634

by bemymonkey (#46971297) Attached to: Why Scientists Are Still Using FORTRAN in 2014

Also (according to the professor who taught my advanced mathematics course), FORTRAN compilers are easy to trick into doing exactly what you want in Assembly. In languages like C, it's apparently much more difficult to predict what the compiler will end up spitting out, but in FORTRAN they are (or were - my prof's experiences with FORTRAN date back to the 80s) able to pretty much able to optimize the actual Assembly quite well without actually needing to touch Assembly...

I found that tidbit quite interesting...

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by bemymonkey (#46480815) Attached to: VLC Finally Launches App For Windows 8

While I agree with you in theory, this is not the case - mainly because Win8 "apps" suck. The only really usable app is (ironically) Internet Explorer... for non-work stuff (I use my Win8 tablet for things like note-taking with the digitizer and OneNote), I'd take Android any day. The apps are just better through and through :(

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