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Comment: Re:Cheap in which universe?! (Score 1) 174

by bemymonkey (#49534703) Attached to: Intel 'Compute Stick' PC-Over-HDMI Dongle Launched, Tested

Tablets that run full-blown desktop Windows or Linux? At that price point, I'm assuming Android x86 tablets... prove me wrong with a link (please? If the damned things have at least 2gigs of RAM and run full Win8.1 I'll probably buy one right away, because my Win8.1 tablet is stupid huge at 11.6" - people look at me funny when I take it to the bathroom :p).

Also: this stick is ideal for people who don't want a full-blown HTPC in their living room, but also don't want to fuck around with "app-y" shit a la Chromecast or Fire TV Stick. Full Windows or Linux desktop with a keyboard and a mouse is great for living room usage... no limitations other than processing power, and with full hardware decode support (I'm assuming) for HD video, you're not likely to run into issues there.

Comment: Re:Labor market doesn't accommodate all kids (Score 1) 229

"And in winter, how should a child cope with the neighbor who runs a gasoline-powered snow thrower up and down the whole block for free out of 1. altruism and 2. wanting to walk to the bus stop without having to dodge cars in the street? (I am said neighbor.)"

Just pawn that off on a kid and get the neighbors to chip in a little pocket money for him/her. Unless you truly enjoy running up and down the street with that snowblower.

Comment: Re:Thank god (Score 2) 229

That's incorrect. I can no longer sell dropped items on the marketplace and I've spent ~$100 on my account over its lifetime. It's something like spend $x in the last y days... The last thing I bought was CS:GO, so I can no longer use the marketplace (I just sell the stuff that drops in CSGO, I'm up to like $50 in Steam credit and I only played like an hour a week for about a year or so) until I buy a new game via Steam.

I think it's a step in the right direction though... towards the end I was also getting a lot of invites purely for trading's sake and it was starting to piss me off.

Comment: Re:You probably could tell looking close up (Score 1) 152

by bemymonkey (#49468561) Attached to: Sharp Announces 4K Smartphone Display

Oh sorry, I just meant that I spent a lot of time in forums and on Slashdot arguing with other neckbeards who, even back then, considered 1080p superfluous :D

Of course font size is different from pixel size - what I'm saying is that when there are enough pixels to smoothly render a font at a size that's unreadable for someone with perfect vision, it's highly unlikely you'll gain anything by upping the pixel density even further.

And why would you want to "upscale" visual elements from older designs intended for lower resolution screens? Unless they're vector graphics you'll need to interpolate and it'll look like shite. If you mean Retina-style rendering, well, meh... a lot of (GPU) work for very little gain.

Comment: Re:You probably could tell looking close up (Score 1) 152

by bemymonkey (#49468443) Attached to: Sharp Announces 4K Smartphone Display

I was one of the biggest advocates for FullHD displays on smartphones. I could and can easily tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 4-5" smartphone screen, and the legibility of small text is greatly improvied on 1080p screens of that size. However, at 1080p, it's most definitely good enough, even for my picky eyes.

There comes a point when text simply becomes too small to read, even if the pixel denisty is still high enough to read it.

As for video/images... I'd happily stick with 720p on a phone for that.

Comment: Re:I must be missing something. (Score 1) 240

by bemymonkey (#49265337) Attached to: Windows 10 Enables Switching Between Desktop and Tablet Modes

Loading apps drains the battery more and wears out memory faster in mobile devices than just leaving them running. Even on an Android device, everything you do is kept running until you manually kill it, and some things just immediately restart. So, there's a sound technical reason for it.

The problem is, this leaves us feeling like we don't have control of our devices, and consumers with intermediate technical skills (read: almost the entire market for Microsoft's shiny new OS) are very uncomfortable with that feeling. Experts disagree, and will point out that it depends upon what exactly is running. Personally, I would have thought that taking control of the machine away from the user was proven bad when Gateway tanked. Also, isn't that why people hated that damned paperclip?.

The problem here is that the OS simply can't know what applications I *want* to have running in the background. Common scenario during multitasking on an Android device, for instance, is having music and navigation apps running in the background. On devices with =1GB of RAM, Android will often decide to kill the navigation app when you switch to the music app to change a track, or kill the music app when you're trying to edit a route in the navigation app. This drives me nuts on a daily basis, and devices with 1GB of RAM are STILL being sold! Sure, all the other crap I don't need right now is kept on RAM running in the background, but for some reason Android chooses to kill the exact apps I DO want to run in the background on a regular basis.

Compare that to desktop Windows - if I run a program and leave it open for three months, minimized to my taskbar,I can be pretty damned sure it'll still be up and running when I open it again.

Fuck automatic application lifetime management.

Comment: Re:Wireless charging hit mainstream ~ 1-2 years ag (Score 2) 184

by bemymonkey (#49255429) Attached to: Why Apple Won't Adopt a Wireless Charging Standard

Personally, I hate fumbling with MicroUSB cables and my phone. I don't exactly have sausage fingers, but trying to put in that cable when I'm half asleep, the light on my nightstand is off (and I've been reading an eBook) and the end of the cable is loose *somewhere* on the nightstand is really annoying,

With wireless charging, I place the phone on the rather large/hard-to-miss charger pad, get immediate visual confirmation that the phone is in fact charging and therefore properly on the pad, and can go to sleep.

At the work desk, it's similarly practical: Incoming call, grab phone from charger pad, talk, hang up, put phone back on charger pad. Same thing for texts etc... with a cable or docking station, I find myself unplugging and re-plugging about 50x per day (seriously).

Comment: Re:My first SSD died (Score 1) 204

by bemymonkey (#49243817) Attached to: Endurance Experiment Kills Six SSDs Over 18 Months, 2.4 Petabytes

Yeah OCZ had a string of shitty SSDs. Pretty much a thing of the past starting with the Intel G2 Postville, Samsung 470/830 and Crucial M4. Since then it's been smooth sailing if you stuck to the "premium" brands, as well as most cheapo brands. It's about time to give it another shot - go for something like a Samsung 850 Evo or 850 Pro and you'll be fine. Or, if you want to be extra careful, an 840 Pro, as it's been on the market for a while now.

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