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Comment: Internet Taliban (Score 1) 387

by beaverfever (#36292948) Attached to: PBS Web Sites and Databases Hacked

The Internet Taliban strike again. Anything they don't like, any opinions they don't like, they physically attack. Are they so dim that they can't see their 'fight for internet freedom' is based on bringing to the internet the threat of attack and the imposing of fear on dissenters? Do they believe their actions are any different than religious fundamentalists in Afghanistan burning down schools?

Here's a tip for the hackers/crackers: even if your beliefs and opinions are hypothetically 100% correct, if you use threats to impose your opinion, you will lose, because no sensible person will want to be associated with you.


Wi-Fi Phones Reviewed 77

Posted by Zonk
from the far-better-than-regular-fi dept.
prostoalex writes "With municipal Wi-Fi taking off and startups distributing free wireless routers for those willing to share their Internet connections, Wi-Fi phones or hybrid phones with both cellular and Wi-Fi access, are attracting interest. Dr. Dobb's Journal runs a review of 6 wireless phone devices available on the market today. The cheapest ones start around $80, but lock you into T-Mobile branded hotspots. The more expensive ones, Sony Mylo in particular, offer support for 3rd party clients, such as Skype, GTalk and Yahoo! Messenger."

+ - Nvidia class action lawsuit over Vista drivers

Submitted by Cocoshimmy
Cocoshimmy (933014) writes "Nvidia is facing a class action lawsuit for false advertising by not providing stable working drivers for Vista. Nvidia has been quoted here and here as stating that they are closing threads on Nvidia's forum and banning users that: request a response from Nvidia, post that their Nvidia hardware does not work under Vista, post that Nvidia software does not work under Vista, post that Nvidia is guilty of false advertising, or threaten to sue Nvidia. Several disgruntled users have set up their own site for discussing their legal options."

How Do You Advocate Linux in 5 Minutes? 618

Posted by Cliff
from the preaching-on-a-corner dept.
xtracto writes "I just returned from buying certain Linux magazine. While looking at the 'Computing' stand in the library, and right after I grabbed a copy of the Linux magazine, a guy asked me if I used Linux. After that, the man told me he had tried to use Linux, but he had found it difficult. I told him the first things that came to my mind: that it depended on the distribution (he tried Kubuntu). I recommended him to look for a Linux User Group near his hometown (he told me he didn't live near a city). What would you tell these kinds of people? Not so long ago, and to my surprise, a relative who is completely computer illiterate started talking about Linux, but the general thought is that 'it is harder than Windows'. How do you advocate Linux to people who are more comfortable using Windows?"

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