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Comment: Re:...meth (Score 1) 168 168

I'm sure there will be folks who disagree with this, but between me and one long-time industry veteran I just unscientifically polled, we think copper's easier to repair after a vandal cuts it, so I'd rather have a cut copper than a cut fiber. Additionally, a cut fiber line can have exponentially more traffic in it compared with even the largest copper lines, so it ends up affecting more service during the downtime. This doesn't mean I don't like fiber (capacity and long-distances make it king), it's just some of the reality of the situation.

Automated fiber splicing equipment does make the job of repairing fiber easier than it was 20 years ago, but the job is still somewhat more delicate than splicing copper, and seems prone to more complications.

Comment: Re:...meth (Score 1) 168 168

Never underestimate stupidity, people will always surpass expectations.

I can tell you firsthand that you are incorrect in your assumption that they wouldn't be looking for copper. At my job, we've had one particular 24-count fiber cut by idiot copper thieves multiple times over the past few years (at least that line is only a 24).

They usually gravitate to our cross-country runs that are out in the woods or in huge, out-of-the-way fields where they won't be noticed. The problem is that the morons just automatically assume that any large black phone cable on the pole is going to be copper. Once they cut into it, if it is fiber, they just leave it laying there and we end up having to track the cut down using an OTDR. If it is copper, they'll take a span or two of it with them before bugging out.

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Not only that, but custom engine control computers are making performance tweaking a great place for an experienced computer professional. A friend of mine built a truck with such a controller and asked me to help him install and use the software for configuring the system. It is amazing how tweak-able everything is. It feels like somehow building an RPG character using a network monitoring suite, which is a little bizarre, but could be interesting.

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