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Comment: Re:Automotive (Score 1) 158

Not only that, but custom engine control computers are making performance tweaking a great place for an experienced computer professional. A friend of mine built a truck with such a controller and asked me to help him install and use the software for configuring the system. It is amazing how tweak-able everything is. It feels like somehow building an RPG character using a network monitoring suite, which is a little bizarre, but could be interesting.

Comment: Are we getting THAT old??? (Score 1) 1191

by bearded_yak (#45010647) Attached to: Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

I normally try to be constructive, but WTF is up with the giant font for the headlines? I may be old enough to remember when Slashdot was a newborn, but I'm not so old I can't see a more reasonably-sized font. The old style with a smaller contrasting font on a colored bar would make scanning the page for items of interest much more enjoyable.

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