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Comment: Networking guy (Score 1) 287

by beanpoppa (#47942439) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What's In Your Home Datacenter?
I'm a networking guy, so I'm more network-based, than server-based.

Mostly old data-center cast offs-
24U rack (48U cut in half to fit under my plumbing/duct work) in the basement
Cisco 3750-48 PoE Gig switch, providing direct connections to all of my first floor equipment.
Second floor equipment has a direct run to another 3750 switch upstairs. Too hard to run direct lines in an old house.
Bluecoat (nee Packeteer) Packetshaper 7500 for monitoring and QoS on Internet traffic
Cisco MCS 7825 re-purposed back to an HP server, running Ubuntu for any Linux server needs I have. Usually powered off to save power
Netgear WNDR3700 router running DD-WRT
APC AP7801 Managed PDU

Comment: You don't need to move your domain over (Score 1) 145

by beanpoppa (#47829319) Attached to: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Says Switching ISPs Is Too Hard
For years, I had all email for my vanity domain forwarded to my gmail account, and gmail lets you send email out with the Reply-to header set as your vanity domain. It was only when I wanted some more advanced capabilities of Google Apps did I suck it up and start spending the $50/yr/user to fully port my domain over.

Comment: Re: This is LESS worrying than Comcast (Score 1) 73

by beanpoppa (#46889305) Attached to: WSJ Reports AT&T May Be Eying a $40B DirecTV Acquisition
This is more worrying. The Comcast/twc merger is not really a merger of competitors. They generally serve separate and distinct markets. If I am unhappy with comcast, I cant switch to twc. But I can (generally) switch to directv or dish, or possibly at&t uverse or verizon fios.

Comment: Re:Power button. (Score 2) 194

by beanpoppa (#46436595) Attached to: Ars Technica Reviews Leaked Windows 8.1 Update
Well, this might come as a surprise, but not everyone is like you. I very rarely shut down my computer, and I don't want it to go to sleep every time I close the lid to move to a meeting, so I always map my power button to sleep. On the rarer occasions that I do want to shut down or reboot, I hit the Windows key, and the shutdown/reboot options are right there. Just like they have been for almost 1.5 decades, until Microsoft decided to hide it.

Comment: Re:Still a ways to go...until we get where? (Score 3, Insightful) 131

by beanpoppa (#46395463) Attached to: Sulfur Polymers Could Enable Long-Lasting, High-Capacity Batteries
At the risk of sounding 'Applely', Think different. Right now, I have to stop to 'recharge' my ICE car for 5-10 minutes, once a week. That's, on average, about 6 hours a year I wait for my car to 'recharge'. If I had an electric car, I would be plugging it in every night. For most weeks of my commuting year, it would eliminate any time waiting at the gas pump.

Comment: Re:It's not a 'fear' it's simple reality (Score 1) 357

by beanpoppa (#46146957) Attached to: Tesla Touts Cross-Country Trip, Aims For World Record
Yes, and your case is so typical. Therefore, there is no use case for anyone to buy an electric cars. And I need to carry my 3 kids in the back seat of my car about 2 times a week, so obviously there is no market for 2-door sports cars, which explains why no manufactures make any of those

If only 80% of two-car households replaced one of their cars with an electric car, it would be a huge savings

Comment: Re:Chevy Volt (Score 1) 357

by beanpoppa (#46146925) Attached to: Tesla Touts Cross-Country Trip, Aims For World Record
I think the best thing about the Volt platform is that in a few years, when battery technology has improved 10 or 20%, and prices have been reduced by 50%, they can drop the gas engine to lower the price and save weight (thus improving range and space- really wish it could seat 5). So then you could buy a Volt LE with a 70 mile range for $30k, or spend $40k and buy a Volt HE with a 130 mile range (no ICE, more room for batteries), or spend $40k for a Volt Classic and get 60 mile range with the ICE range extender for people with range anxiety.