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Comment: Re:Amazing post (Score 1) 496

by beanpoppa (#49330721) Attached to: Hacking Weight Loss: What I Learned Losing 30 Pounds
It's not a myth. The problem is someone who is consuming 2500-3000 calories a day will be on a slow weight gain trend with no exercise. When they start exercising, and are now burning 500 calories a day, they would otherwise start to lose weight. But often, the mentality is that they want to reward themselves for their exercise, and have a an extra helping at dinner, and/or a nice desert, and that extra beer. And now they've compensated or exceeded that 500 calories that they burned, and wonder why they haven't lost any weight.

I lost 40 pounds a few years ago simply by cutting my calories. I consumed half of what I would normally eat. If I would normally have a bagel at breakfast, I ate half a bagel. If I was going to have pizza for dinner, I would have 1 slice, instead of the 2 or 3 slices that I would normally eat. It took 3 months, but I lost the weight with no exercise. After I took the weight off, I decided I wanted to eat again because I like it, so now I run 20 miles a week, and have gone back (mostly) to the same level of eating I was at before.

Comment: Re:Bugs in Win 7 UI (Score 2) 516

by beanpoppa (#49138807) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10
I think it's a problem with some of the file preview code. When you click on a folder, Explorer scans each file to get preview info- picture date, resolution, length for an mpg file, etc. If I delete the folder while this is being done, I will get errors that the file is in use, and that can persist for several minutes.

Comment: Cutting rates 90% is significant (Score 3, Interesting) 243

by beanpoppa (#49124573) Attached to: Study: Peanut Consumption In Infancy Helps Prevent Peanut Allergy
There was a study done comparing Israeli Jews to European and North American Jews, with the premise being that parents in North America and Europe have been directed to withhold peanuts from babies/toddlers, while this practice is not in place in Israel. You have a genetically similar pool of Jews that migrated to the 3 different regions in the last 100 years. Jewish children in Israel have an allergic rate 10% that of Jewish children in Europe and NA. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pu...

Comment: Re:better solution: don't make cars network-capabl (Score 1) 44

by beanpoppa (#48968821) Attached to: BMW Patches Security Flaw Affecting Over 2 Million Vehicles
While it's not ONE standard, there is Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. And it's already being implemented by auto manufactures (2015 Hyundai's, for example). And even though there are two competing standards, multiple manufactures have stated that their cars will support both.

Comment: except the investors, who paid everybody up front (Score 1) 181

by beanpoppa (#48951407) Attached to: The Pirate Bay Is Back Online, Properly
And are expecting to make that money back, along with profit after the movie is released. And if they don't make their money back after the movie is released, they won't finance future projects, and this grips, editors, and audio engineers will find themselves unable to find future work.

most movies don't make back their initial investment in first release. It's DVD, rental, and other broadcasting rights sales where they make much of their return.

Comment: Re:Money talks, electric car walks (Score 5, Interesting) 181

by beanpoppa (#48813745) Attached to: Tesla To Produce 'a Few Million' Electric Cars a Year By 2025
Get out of the gasoline mindset. I commute to work 5 days a week, 30 miles each way. I park my car in my garage every night. I fill up my tank about once every 8 days. It takes about 5-7 minutes each time.

With an electric car with a 200 mile range, I would still drive my car 60 miles a day, but I would no longer be stopping at a gas station every eight days. I would be plugging in every night. The only time I would ever need a charging station is when I need to drive more than 100 miles away from my house. I do this MAYBE once a month. So, already my demand at a 'fueling' station is 1/4 of what it was.

Add to this the difference in costs build a fueling station. A public level 2 charging station can be installed for as little as $5000. Level 3 would currently cost about $50,000. A charging station can be anywhere, and can be built in days. Charging station supply will be able to increase very easily as demand does. You can even put one in a school parking lot. The electrical infrastructure to deliver 'fuel' to just about any corner of the continent is already in place. Basically, you charge your car wherever you park it. A gas station is a destination.

Comment: Re:Tell me it ain't so, Elon! (Score 2) 181

by beanpoppa (#48813383) Attached to: Tesla To Produce 'a Few Million' Electric Cars a Year By 2025
Citation, please. Considering my 2012 VW GLI cost $26k new (plus tax and MV fees which you have to pay new or used), how am I overpaying a 'couple of 10s of thousands'? Considering the average price of a new car was $31k last year, I think you are way off base. Second, a car with 2/3 of its life remaining? What is that? 100k miles? 200k miles? We'll go by consumer reports, which says it's 8 years/150k miles. So you are claiming that you can buy my used GLI in 2015 with 50k miles on it for $8600 (forget the fact that Edmunds shows the private party resale value of my car as $17k), which has now lowered by cost of ownership down to less than $18,000. . I spent nothing else to maintain the car- even oil changes were included under the warranty.

I won't argue that over the long term, a gently used car costs less than a brand new car, but your numbers are way off base. I give value to a car that is pristine, and still under full manufacturer warranty.

Comment: When were you last a network engineer? (Score 1) 163

by beanpoppa (#48761427) Attached to: In-Flight Service Gogo Uses Fake SSL Certificates To Throttle Streaming
If you've been a network engineer in the past few years, you'd know exactly why you'd need to break SSL. Traffic prioritization used to just require looking at the TCP/UDP port- SMTP and FTP could be low priority, while HTTP was medium priority, and RTP was high priority. Then users started using non-standard ports, so you needed to look deeper- you start looking at the content-type header in HTTP. By doing this, you could still make the octet-stream and application-pdf low priority (file transfer) while the text/html would be higher priority and audio content-types the highest.

This was all well and good, but then the web moved to SSL. Not just for email or banking, but even sites like Youtube and Facebook. Now, QoS devices (which are critical in bandwidth limited situations like zooming across the sky near Mach 1 at 30k feet) need to peer deeper into the packets. In an enterprise environment, this is done the same way Gogo is doing it, except we control the list of trusted CA's on the computers, so we can tell our users to trust the (fake) certs that we are signing.

It's not a great solution- it's essentially a man-in-the-middle exploit. The better alternative would be for sites like Youtube to honestly set the DSCP header, but that's not going to happen...

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