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Comment Cloud storage of everything i ever spoke/thought.. (Score 1) 74

NSA and FBI wet dream that is what it is. hell no, i will never allow that. Even if i did i can't even find an email from 6 months ago for something. Unless i tag it on the fly i would never find half of my stuff. the data would have to be auto tagged or organized properly. I do think there is software for that, but I don't think consumers are going to like the creepy feel of searching every word you ever spoke..

Comment Re:You keep using that word. I don't think it mean (Score 2) 346

you know how that one guy on Jurrassic park says like finds a way? well i think this is exactly what he meant. There are no walls or moats that can stop the consumer from doing what they want to do. We all don't even have to be smart hackers and crackers. Once they make a one push root then its spread from corner of the globe to the next and T-mobile is screwed..

Comment My $ .02 (Score 1) 302

I would suggest you teach them how to do basic logical reasoning, you can use programming or blocks for all I care. I need my employees to be able to reason and get to a conclustion quickly. I need them to synthesize the meaning of a subject matter and be able to write about it. I want them to be able to take concepts and apply them to new things. They need to know how to spot social and psychological fallacies, god knows I can't even do that now and I went to college. Its very important to know when the BS is coming down the train at work. Helpes you avoid the stteam roller or unemployment. If these kids can do these things, then there is nothing they can't learn other wise. Show them they can learn, make it fun too, and they will learn the rest of their lives. I am not sure there is anything else I can say.

Comment Re:"Tech Support"? (Score 1) 1094

hmmm, I was working for batch scheduling operations support for 15$ an hour for like a year and a half. It was 12 hours shift 3 or 4 day weeks. It paid the bills and I road my bike back and forth to work. Before that I was doing the receptionist work you were speaking of joining call with devs and trying to get them to work incidents, paging, doing sysadmin work like cleaning logs file or running scripts. For less than 15$ an hour. Then the offshore people took over everything, and moved it over seas. I am not sure how much they are being paid, but i bet it is less. It sure stung though when they fired everyone, I was no longer there but my friend talks volumes of the feels he got from it..

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