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Comment Cloud storage of everything i ever spoke/thought.. (Score 1) 74

NSA and FBI wet dream that is what it is. hell no, i will never allow that. Even if i did i can't even find an email from 6 months ago for something. Unless i tag it on the fly i would never find half of my stuff. the data would have to be auto tagged or organized properly. I do think there is software for that, but I don't think consumers are going to like the creepy feel of searching every word you ever spoke..

Comment Re:You keep using that word. I don't think it mean (Score 2) 346

you know how that one guy on Jurrassic park says like finds a way? well i think this is exactly what he meant. There are no walls or moats that can stop the consumer from doing what they want to do. We all don't even have to be smart hackers and crackers. Once they make a one push root then its spread from corner of the globe to the next and T-mobile is screwed..

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