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Comment Re:man... blue and red (Score 2, Funny) 269

Man walks in to the waiting-room at his doctors office.
There is his old friend he hasn't seen in a while also waiting for his appointment.

Man: - It's kind of embarrassing to say but I come here because I have a blue ring around my penis.

Friend: - What a coincidence, I am here with a similar problem. I have a red ring around my penis.

Friend goes in to doctors office and comes out after two minutes, smiling.

Friend: - Doctor said I should not worry, just go and take a shower.

Man goes into doctors office and doctor takes a look at his "problem".

Doctor: - Sorry to say but I will have to amputate your penis.
Man: - But that's not what you told my friend with almost the same problem.
Doctor: - You have to understand that there is a clear difference between lipstick and gangrene.

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