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Comment: Re:Markups (Score 3, Insightful) 339 339

Imagine that, after buying the car, you turned the key to start the car and instead a lawyer popped out of the glove box holding out a contract insisting that you were not allowed to start the engine unless you signed it. That's not fair. You have to be permitted to decline that contract, and if the engine manufacturer refuses to let you use that engine as a result, they should buy it back from you.

Comment: ZIP Code? (Score 1) 297 297

1) Ask new visitors to enter their ZIP code.
2) Check the ZIP code against a simple array of "acceptable" local ZIP codes.
3) Store it as a cookie in their browser (so they don't get asked over and over)

Remote users (from Kentucky or Afghanistan) have no idea which of the thousands of available ZIP codes you'll accept visitors from, but local users who give you a simple and honest answer will be allowed in quickly.

Brute-forcing your valid ZIP codes is certainly possible, but not worth the trouble.

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