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Comment Re:Old? (Score 0) 358

Totally agree. Nothing is as expressive as Perl. Normal people need full words to understand what's going on. But us perl folks can have conversations like this:

@#!$ %^% $%;
2#$ %@#$;
#$^^&%#EUia !@#$!@#;
1!@ #!@ #$@ #$%!#;

For those of you that don't speak Perl, that was "War and Peace".

Comment Re:Star Trek not so much (Score 3, Interesting) 99

Start at the new Doctor Who in Season 5 episode 1. Watch until "Day of the Doctor". Then go back to Season 1 episode 1. Finish off the rest of new Who. Then go back and watch the classic Who (at least what exists).

Why Season 5 Episode 1? Because there are some huge spoilers in earlier seasons. (It's a time travel show). It also makes a certain episode in Season 4 a lot more tragic.

As for classic who, my advice for watching it is to view it like a play rather than like a modern show.

Comment Re:Judging by the story so far... (Score 1) 372

Speak for yourself, Mr. Hippo. This morning I woke up next to a woman who I even happened to meet online.

Don't mind if I do. I also woke up next to a woman. The same woman I've woken up next to for well over a decade. The same woman I'll wake up to in the future as long as God keeps us in this world.

I do in fact think it's immoral to facilitate the destruction of men and their families. Unlike a gun or a knife which has many uses outside of killing, there is no other purpose to Ashley Madison than the wholesale destruction of men's lives as well as the destruction of the lives of others around them.

Comment Re:Married people are dodging taxes (Score 1) 161

I think he's talking about the fact that you can claim your spouse as a dependent.

That being said... if you earn enough, you run into the marriage penalty. That is, someone making a little over 400k by themselves will pay the same tax rate as two people making a little over 400k together rather than 800k as one would expect.

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