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Comment Re:One small problem (Score 1) 509 509

The VIDEO proves he didn't.

lol. That's cute.

I AM "The White Man," you shiteating fuckwad! What, you think because I have the shred of basic human decency necessary to admit the truth I can't possibly be white?!

No, it's quite obvious from your comments that a shred of decency is well beyond your grasp.

Comment Re:One small problem (Score 0) 509 509

Now you're lying, too. Tamir Rice never reached for a damn thing.

That's funny, the police report and all reporting on the case claim that he did. But I'm sure you have access to information that the rest of us don't. Let me guess - the ghost of Bob Marley came to you in a dream, and told you The White Man Executed Tamir, who was sitting there licking a lollipop at the time?

Comment Re:One small problem (Score 1) 509 509

THAT IS A LIE, AND YOU ARE A LIAR. Counterexample: Tamir Rice.

Fair enough - he forgot to mention that a small subset are idiots who went around waving a replica pistol at strangers, and then reached for it when the cops arrived.

I'm not sure that qualifies as a lie so much as a justifiable omission. Such cases do not make up a significant percentage of police shootings, since pretty much everyone with an IQ over 70 knows it's not a good idea to reach for a plastic gun when the police are pointing real ones at you.

Comment Re:One small problem (Score 1) 509 509

Thing is, a cop can take you in for any reason for something like 24-48 hours even without a formal charge. You will be taken in handcuffs, you will be fingerprinted, you will get a DNA swab taken, you will be strip-searched, you will be forced to spread your cheeks and cough in front of a cop... then they let you go after 24 hours with no charges and a have a nice day.

After which you'll sue for false arrest and imprisonment, ask for a ridiculous sum for humiliation / pain and suffering, and have a great life afterwards.

Hell, I wish I could find some of these ass-rapey cops that people like you all seem to know - I'd gladly suffer in jail for 48 hours in exchange for a mil or two.

Comment Missing Option: Start projects and abandon them (Score 1) 190 190

I've started several open source projects. I have one that I started in 2002 and have continued to use myself over the years. Its an xml parser that works the way I think it should work. I wrote it and made it open source because I found myself wanting to use xml in projects at various employers and it was always a hassle finding an xml parser and convincing management to allow me to use it (because open source) and then it never had exactly the right features, etc. Xerces was too big, etc. So, finally I just wrote my own. Since I own the copyright, I can use it and grant the employer a non-exclusive close source license if they want.

Comment Re:Wasn't there a study that proved this was good? (Score 1) 326 326

I can't remember where I saw it, but someone did a study comparing booth babes to trained senior citizens and the senior citizens did MUCH better job, resulting in greater sales and great callbacks.

That's no surprising. While I enjoy looking at the booth babes, I tend to avoid them whenever possible since I know that they'll just subject me to obviously artificial flirtation while attempting to repeat marketing gibberish which they don't actually understand. I'd much rather speak to a sweaty bearded guy in a tracksuit who can actually explain the product and tell me how it can help my business.

Comment Re:Not faultless (Score 1) 536 536

Nope. All the fault is comcast. They lied. Plain and simple.

Um, no, they were mistaken.

If you have to go on the assumption that everybody is always lying to you all the time and double and triple check everything then you will get zero things done in your lifetime.

If you have to go through life assuming that anyone who makes a mistake is a liar, you're going to end up a cynical bastard who never gets anything accomplished, yes. If, on the other hand, you always keep in mind that people are fallible, you're much more likely to end up with good results.

Comment Re:Child Gender (Score 2) 199 199

I can answer your question: yes, they do. You don't have to look for illegal content, you can:

1. Look for "fantasy stories" published by "child lovers". You'll find plenty that involve female adults with male or female children, indicating a - for lack of a better term - demand for that market.
2. Google "woman charged for creating child porn". You'll find at least a few cases of women who molested young children (preteens) and distributed the resulting material.

You can also look up cases like Karla Homolka, an infamous Canadian woman who was charged and sentenced for helping her husband rape and murder several young girls, including her own sister.

The depravity of the human mind is certainly not limited to the male sex.

Comment Re:just want I wanted! (Score 1) 307 307

Lots of embedded projects are done on Raspberry Pi. If Windows does not run on the Pi, the company who decides to do a Pi based project will decide to develop under Linux. If Windows is available on the Pi and they have Windows developers available, they might decide to do the project with Windows. Also, its less expensive to hire Windows developers than Linux developers right now. Microsoft likes selling embedded windows because its a great way for them to sell lots of Windows licenses.

Comment VMWare is worth the money (Score 3, Interesting) 288 288

After struggling with VirtualBox for a while, I broke down and bought VMWare. I use it for running Linux and running other versions of MacOS X on my Mac. I have found it to be well worth the money. In general, I like free software and I don't mind something that is a little harder to use if the non-free alternative is expensive, but at $79 VM Ware has saved me so much time its well worth it.

Comment Re:The solution is obvious (Score 4, Insightful) 579 579

Apple tries to control as much as they can on their platforms. Other platforms like Android and Windows take an approach of sharing responsibility for the overall quality between several different companies who can each point at each other and say "not it!" when a problem arrises.

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