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Comment Re:Canada (Score 1) 278

What do you mean waste votes in Quebec ? I'm from Quebec. The Quebec did not vote for the current Conservative party BTW. And are they really accelerating the trade deal because they know that Canada wouldn't sign the treaty if they knew the content beforehand ? That would be incredible...

Submission + - Upgrade a java website to PHP

axis_omega writes: I have this new project at work, it's a rework of a transactional website. I was built in java with MSSQL. There is alot of forms and reports. The client use it to get informations on companies and the other users, use that information to make decision on portfolio's. It took 4 years to build up and they want to redo it all again. But this time they want it a bit faster and some new stuff. We underestimate and underprice the contract to get it, but that is not relevent. I'm asking you guys what would be a new framework to use. It is a real big corporate and the decision we gonna make at start is gonna stay for the next five years. The only requirement is PHP. We have mainly micro$soft tech, so the PHP is seldom use. We have little experience in Symphony. But I would like something MVC. Laravel is an option, Phalcon or Aura project, built in ORM or third party ? The first two solution has unit testing to start with. Has somebody recently started a project and has successfully build a project with those framework or any other combo of recent tools ? Oh even the db engine is our choice, MariaDB ? Thanks for a real advice.

Comment Re:Not a Dick Move (Score 2) 134

What lost sales? they wouldn't got that money in the first place ! I applaud the move. You got a pirated application that you really use. Now you are bind to them. And for every update that cost a little you will have to pay. So they could in theory get some money (back) from a non (and never would) paying pirate^^^^^^ person.
In the process they get to know how much of their applications gets pirated versus legitimate copies. They probably get stats from the hardware used other related stuff like software, age gender, etc. So it can be cross analyze to target the right group of customer.

It is the most evil scheme ever imagined !

Comment Re:Your question is already wrong. (Score 3) 334

I wonder why you get distracted with words. I listen to a wide range of music indie rock, pop, rap, etc. The sound can't really distract me cause I'm in the "zone" when I really work. Hell if the music is rhythmic enough I will even dance on my chair, moving my head up and down. When I'm in the zone, my work is so much more efficient and I will most of the time, sing along the song while creating a web application. It helps me to ignore my surrounding.

Comment Re:What he took away is more precious than given (Score 1) 1613

I'm sorry but I will have to post this. Innovation is "to renew or change". He has renewed and changed common objects, such as cellphones that we tough was just useful piece of communication. To be copied is a sign of leadership btw. What you call locking down, I see technology flourishing, people building millions of app, learning new programming languages. Doing business around some hardware and on the competitions hardware. What is locking down ? The consumer has so much choice. Indeed in your mind, everything is lock up. Have you build an app on any of theses new gadgets ? What is limiting your imagination ?

Price ? Brand ? You can almost do whatever you want. You can go to build any decent application and try to sell it. They are blocking your app ? bouhou, go somewhere else. It is called the market. Like a new business that pops around your corner, but it's virtual, the strong survives. The others go home.

Share your source, share your ideas if it doesn't work, Innovate.

The people want to buy stuff ? let them. Who has the right to tell them that they are wrong ? me ? you ?
You tell them that they are not free ? They don't always need freedom. They need something that works. Too much options on a device is not compatible with the use of common people. They are not always techno-ready. They don't have and need an IT background.

They just want to go with their live, to their family, not wondering what is the best piece of equipment that will accomplish their dream.

Friendliness, usability and even style is alot of contribution to this world. I cannot accept the fact that you think that what he took is more precious.

He brought innovation.

Like Einstein said "Imagination is everything", but I would add Innovation is everything.

Comment Re:Why did you have to discredit yourself? (Score 1) 478

Please do not post here ever again, we are on Slashdot we base facts behind IMPORTANT topics, well most of us. I will just reverse what you say and you will see there is no facts in what your are saying.

"Creationism is more scientifically justifiable than Evolution"
Evolution is more scientifically justifiable than Creationism.

You are saying nothing, how come it is more justifiable, and I won't tell you facts that make Evolution more justifiable like Lucy and the likes.

"Mathematics alone require more "faith" to believe in Evolution than Creationism"
What part of the Mathematics you don't understand ? In what base are you using Mathematics, base 10, base 2... :)

"In fact, in addition to the Scientific support for creationism"
What facts ? please enlighten me, us. Do you know anything about science ? What scientific support ? Money is not scientific

Repeatable experiments, observable phenomenon ? Calculating the time of reaction of experiments with only the mass of the products, temperature etc ? Are theses sciences for you ?

"Once you apply the mathematics on the age data of the Universe"
Yes, once you apply... What are the numbers ? When is the time initial time zero. Now ?

"very interesting correlation to the 6 days of creation"
Again you're base of calculus please ?

I don't mind people not believing in evolution. But the sheer fact to base decision on stars and planets makes my head spin.
Or to not believe that the mammals have been on earth and constantly adapting themselves is quite funny.

We are mammals by the way.

Please unlearn everything and understand at least the Analogy of the Cave or Plato's Cave.

Comment Re:You're Probably Right But ... (Score 1) 1425

You sir are so right, the intellectual in your country should pay more attention to her. To understand what her supporters are all about.
She could turned into the next president, if you are not careful. I mean that, in a sense that she as ALOT of supporters and it is growing... Whatever are your opinions about her flawed person in so many ways, are irrelevant, she will win or be a good number two in any poll she goes through. Because she has something that nobody has: No self esteem preservation.

That is like going against Rocky in Rocky III. You'll lose even though your stronger.

I wish you best of luck.

Comment Re:GSM Providers (Score 2, Insightful) 238

Wow this is great news ! Oh but wait, the fees will probably go down now. Yeah now that Bell has entered the market, I will see a tremendous price drop.
Bell has been there with Fido for a long time now. They have similar price plan. They have no incentive to lower any price. Competition is non existent
when companies agree to keep fees high.

"The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development says Canadian cellphone rates are the third-highest amongst surveyed countries, behind the United States and Spain."
from here http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20090811/090811_cell_fees/20090811/?hub=CP24Morning

And there is competition coming here but if you look at what the CEO says : "Price is not the way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace," said president Dave Dobbin. "It's about value. It's about being simple."
from here http://ca.news.finance.yahoo.com/s/28122009/2/biz-finance-consumers-rogers-bell-telus-new-wireless-companies.html

As long as consumers are willing to giveaway 55 dollar a month for a phone they will have a price gadget that matches the market.

Comment Re:One thing to say (Score 1) 204

What's wrong with /. today ? mod the guy funny duh. Let me see, he is obviously not a troll. Informative ? a little yeah.
Can I have sarcasm mod point then ?

I have a question and didn't bother to search it yet. But I know that PI is related to "e" somehow. Can we do the same with the digits of "e"
and if so, how come PI is more popular ?

Shouldn't we consider "e" a little bit more ?

Comment Re:Or (Score 1) 736

You have my point and I could add this. How about they just need the right people to do the jobs ? If a terrorist group wants to, say
build a bomb. Who is likely to be qualified ? Sure mister I can paint nude people is a great asset, but unlikely to suited for the "job".

Best to hang with some crowds that have a certain degree of knowledge but sometimes are lacking common sense or judgment.
How I see it, they recruit them (engineers) fresh when their mindset are still vulnerable.

I don't think they are more likely to be terrorist. Only they are targeted more, hence the more they are solicited the more they
will be recruited.

People have a preconception that more knowledge means more common sense. I won't debate on that here.
More knowledge != common sense

Engineers are normal people, we could add that some type have social issues (targeting the IT crowd. I know I'm a computer engineer). How can that make them more aware or less prone to be terrorist ?

How do they get influence to go to the dark side. Easy use persuasion, some people are good at that.
Killing is bad that everybody must know, but killing for a cause, can make you feel better. Can make you part of a group.

Makes you special. It turns you into a saint. Who wouldn't want to be a saint ?

Comment Re:Because death threats are illegal and a felony (Score 1) 806

Imagine if the Teachers did not do anything and she actually did kill someone. Everyone would ask why they did not do something when there were obvious signs that she was unstable.

Better story, I had a friend, who gets assaulted by her boyfriend, calls the police for abuse, gets arrested. He gets out easy some time later. They get back together.
He do it again another call for domestic violence. Jail time. Rinse repeat. They finally break up.

Now the great part of the story. He give her death threats on the telephone. He is clearly a threat corroborated by some member of the family.
The police can't do nothing, cause they can't act on suspicion only ! They have to catch him on the act or if they see some bruises.
Even though he had a past history of violence. Finally the tragic end to my story he kills her.

How come they are this fast to react on a threat who was "probably meant" as a joke. Something that you would say when you are very upset angry after a bad event, involving
someone you now hate every once of his nature ?

And do nothing for a clear case of time-bomb to happen.

Is this the society we want to live in ? Every statement needing a smiley or joke added at the end to be able to discern between a momentary state of anger and someone who would actually do it.

Comment I hope it leads somewhere (Score 1) 209

I really hope it leads somewhere, cause they also have ssl certificat (almost) monopole. I write almost, cause eventhough they're other compagnies. The price difference isn't that much. Our client demand the certificat so we have no other choices than get one...

Will that make the price drop? I think not. Will they pass the bill(fees) to the customers? hum I think yep

I hate it when an action produce an equal negative opposite reaction

But at the end we, the little e-commerce business provider will have to pay. But hey that's ok, cause we gonna make so huge profit soon from our e-online businesses.

The web is getting pretty ugly. Who is really gonna do something about it? A court? UN? you guys the geeks? Skynet? :)

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