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Comment: Re:"Issue on board" (Score 1) 752

by myowntrueself (#47477969) Attached to: Malaysian Passenger Plane Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine

The use of the word 'poking' in that sentence just cracks me up.

I imagine a cartoon missile polity peeking in 'Excuse me, mind if I explode?'

That would be a Canadian missile. And it would probably go something like
"Sorry, mind if I explode? Ooops looks like I'm going to explode anyway, sorry. Sorry about that. Sorry."

Comment: Re:East - Sleep, West - Awake (Score 1) 163

by awol (#47350901) Attached to: I suffer from jet lag ...

In addition to sleep, meals are quite important. I highly recommend taking your meals at destination times as long as possible before the flight, likewise when you land eat when the locals eat not when you are just hungry it will help to align your sleep as well. Ignore the plane food unless you can get it at a decent time (they only feed you to keep you in your seat !!!).

I have found that with this strategy (and the sleep one mentioned above). I can limit jet lag to feeling a little extra tired about late afternoon for a day or two.

Comment: Re:Anyone who trusted SuperMicro... (Score 2) 102

by myowntrueself (#47284795) Attached to: Supermicro Fails At IPMI, Leaks Admin Passwords

I have literally never had a complaint with an intel motherboard except when it had onboard ATI graphics — Mach64CT, what a POS, you couldn't even trust it to provide a framebuffer without getting the colors wrong.

server mainboards, who cares about the colors? That includes windows.

But how will you know your Windows server has crashed unless you can see the blue screen?? If its purple or green how will you even know?!?!?

Comment: Re:And other stuff (Score 1) 378

Usually they'll use that to threaten the suspect into a plea bargin. Either admit guilt and go to jail for five years, or fight it and they'll do the best they can to send you for fifty.

What amazes me about this plea bargain system is that if you are, in fact, innocent and you 'plea bargain' to plead guilty and get off lightly aren't you purgering yourself (ie lying under oath about your guilt)?

Not that I'd expect a conversation to go like:
"If you plead guilty you get 5 years but if you fight we'll see you locked away for 50"
"But I'm innocent, wouldn't that be purgery?"
"Oh yeah true, you can go then."

Comment: Re:Continued development (Score 1) 475

by myowntrueself (#47146003) Attached to: The Sudden Policy Change In Truecrypt Explained

If the last current build is secure why should we need continued development? The tool is out there and it works. I don't see that as a problem.

Possibly some service pack for windows will make truecrypt stop working on that platform. This could easily be engineered and 'requested' in an NSL to MS.

For Linux, less likely but perhaps some changes to the kernel could do it, less likely to be from an NSL though.

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by myowntrueself (#47098611) Attached to: B-52 Gets First Full IT Upgrade Since 1961

Still being used purely for counterinsurgency operations.

Only true, today, because that's the only kind of wars the US is fighting at this time. But B-52s absolutely are used in other roles than counterinsurgency.

"B-52s also played a role in Operation Iraqi Freedom," long before the insurgency even began.

"B-52 strikes were an important part of Operation Desert Storm," in which the US did not face a notable insurgency.

"B-52 had the highest mission capable rate of the three types of heavy bombers operated by the USAF in 2001."

Right, so when its not used *in* counterinsurgency operations its used to set up the conditions for a nice long running counterinsurgency operation.

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by myowntrueself (#47078875) Attached to: Dump World's Nuclear Waste In Australia, Says Ex-PM Hawke

Australian animals aren't dangerous, just scary. More Australians are killed in horseback riding accidents per year (~30) than are killed by wild animals (~10).

Australians are just knowledgeable enough to stay the fuck away from them, that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous.

Box jellies, blue ring octopus and a snake whose toxin is especially nasty to primates. Me, I stay away from Aussie, its obvious that it never wanted humans in the first place!

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