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Comment: Re:Send in the drones! (Score 4, Insightful) 571

by myowntrueself (#47776625) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

1) It's not about defending ourselves from foreign invaders, so we have no business here, regardless of whether we think slightly better about the cunts in Moscow or the cunts in Kiev;

2) You're a fucking idiot if you interpret an arms reduction agreement as promise of military aid, and so was the Ukraine;

3) The US has been in full imperialism mode since the '40s. It is never a good time to invade the US;

4) The artificial creation of the Ukraine was the first problem;

5) The undemocratic overthrow of the Ukrainian government was the straw that broke the camel's back;

6) This doesn't make Russia's behaviour correct;

7) There is no correct behaviour.

That you refer to 'the Ukraine' shows that you are neither Russian nor Ukrainian and misinformed even about the name of that country.

Comment: Re:Munchkin! (Score 1) 274

by KingSkippus (#47678479) Attached to: Of the following, I'd rather play ...

It can be, but it can also get to be a bit of a slogfest with more than two or three players. I've played games that have lasted six hours because the incentive is to constantly team up against the person in the lead, and there are so many ways to knock them down. I've also seen people get pissed off at other people while playing, which is probably to be expected in a game that openly encourages you to stab your buddy in the back.

It's clever and the cards are especially funny the first three or four times you play it, but after that, I really prefer games like The Resistance, or Ticket to Ride, or even Pandemic (which is cooperative play, and very rarely results in any one person getting pissed off or feeling like a loser).

Comment: Re:replication = good (Score 2) 172

by awol (#47592829) Attached to: Psychology's Replication Battle

No the asshat is not saying that if you cannot get the same results it's not science (in fact the exact opposite), but rather that if you cannot demonstrate that the experiment itself is replicable then it is not science. The contention in the article that in social sciences this lack of replication of experiment may just be a reality up with which we must put IS the reason why whatever you want to call it, it is not science.

Comment: Who writes this crap (Score 5, Insightful) 172

by awol (#47592705) Attached to: Psychology's Replication Battle

"Those who oppose funding for behavioral science make a fundamental mistake: They assume that valuable science is limited to the "hard sciences." Social science can be just as valuable, but it's difficult to demonstrate that an experiment is valuable when you can't even demonstrate that it's replicable."

No, those of us that oppose the funding of this crap recognise that if you cannot replicate your "study" then it is not an experiment. If what you are doing cannot be proved (one way or the other) by experiment then IT IS NOT SCIENCE. I don't really care what it gets called and some of it may even be valuable for some values of valuable however the amount of dross that is produce by social researchers that try and call themselves scientists is truly extraordinary and a plague on our world.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 85

We got the idea with the Hercules that you could resupply military fleets or save fuel with launch your cargo ship into the air if time became an issue(because of the war). It was misguided, but at least a reason for the amphibious design.

Why are they building giant amphibious cargo planes today? Who has that need?

There are these islands which are kind of contested and which China is trying to assert sovereignty over. They are really small and many won't have room for an airstrip.

I *guess* that being able to quickly resupply these islands from the air would be very handy for China.

Comment: Re:"Issue on board" (Score 1) 752

by myowntrueself (#47477969) Attached to: Malaysian Passenger Plane Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine

The use of the word 'poking' in that sentence just cracks me up.

I imagine a cartoon missile polity peeking in 'Excuse me, mind if I explode?'

That would be a Canadian missile. And it would probably go something like
"Sorry, mind if I explode? Ooops looks like I'm going to explode anyway, sorry. Sorry about that. Sorry."

Comment: Re:East - Sleep, West - Awake (Score 1) 163

by awol (#47350901) Attached to: I suffer from jet lag ...

In addition to sleep, meals are quite important. I highly recommend taking your meals at destination times as long as possible before the flight, likewise when you land eat when the locals eat not when you are just hungry it will help to align your sleep as well. Ignore the plane food unless you can get it at a decent time (they only feed you to keep you in your seat !!!).

I have found that with this strategy (and the sleep one mentioned above). I can limit jet lag to feeling a little extra tired about late afternoon for a day or two.

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