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Comment Re:Following a ruling from a Virginia federal cour (Score 1) 100

HOW MANY TIMES have I told all you FILESHARING IDIOTS that your days are numbered and you risk civil and criminal suit against you.

You, Mister Anonymous Coward, have told me MANY things MANY times! You've told me that we are all cows, you've told me I should use your APK hosts file. None of it makes sense. Just stop making a fool of yourself!

Comment Re:Secrets die with the creator (Score 1) 75

This is one of the downsides to a craft-based technological society: when the creator dies knowledge goes with them.

I find it hard to believe that this artifact was developed by a single individual in isolation. It seems more like something that required a fair bit of history behind it, long term development of multiple threads by multiple individuals.

Ie this seems like just one product of a civilization and the rest of this civilization is missing from the historical and archaeological record.

Comment Re:Internet News (Score 1) 181

American footballers are schoolgirls. Too soft to play without armour, too thick to follow the rules of rugby union.

Yeah right. But I don't see rugby players drilling someone at full speed preparing to catch the ball liike they do when American Football punt receivers are about to catch a punt (unless they call fair catch of course).

American football players are athletes! They run miles in training! They run for 6 seconds, have a 5 minute break, run another 6 seconds etc.

Comment Re:"nonconsensual sex or touching" (Score 1) 399

*Disclaimer: neither of these women were "attractive". The house rep was borderline fat with black wiry hair and from head to toe stunk of clove. My client is practically skin and bones with a big squareish face and short hair that doesn't compliment her. I didn't get off either time - though I will give credit to the house rep for doing her best with a clumsy hand job after half-suffocating me.

Just imagine what a drop-dead gorgeous woman could get away with.

Then think how low the stats are for female murderers relative to male.

Comment Re:"nonconsensual sex or touching" (Score 1) 399

about one-quarter of female undergraduates and students who identified as queer or transgender said they had experienced nonconsensual sex or touching since entering college

Why did you edit this important bit out of the full quote? The way you did it makes it sound like 27% of all females on campus have experienced this, which is not what they are saying at all.

so 27% of individuals on campus who either are or pretend to be female have experienced this. Interesting. How about the queers who don't pretend to be female, do they experience this as well? From other queers or straights or what?

Comment Re:"nonconsensual sex or touching" (Score 1) 399

If you look up the study, the exact quote is “nonconsensual penetration or sexual touching involving physical force or incapacitation,”.

The summary is brain-dead, but in a way that *understates* the problem, compared to the actual quote (which doesn't contain the word "rape"). After all, you're interpreting this as lower arms and shoulders, but that's clearly not "sexual touching involving physical force or incapacitation"..

What the study implies but doesn't say is that there is some location where non-consensual penetration or sexual touching is ok but that college campuses are not that place.

They need to tell us what the appropriate place *is*.

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