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Comment Re:This is similar to having a 'better' no-no stic (Score 1) 323

Wow, that sticker thing is a great idea. I wish we had something like that here. In my city in the states, we don't get paper recycling (we can only do cardboard and bottles free), and our trash costs $5 a bag. So not only do I not have a choice about getting unsolicited bulk paper advertisements, I have to pay the city a premium to get rid of them. It blows.

Write 'Moved' on the "unsolicited bulk paper advertisements" then take it to the mailbox and throw it in there. Now its the post offices problem.

After all, it wasn't addressed to you, so you aren't the lawful recipient so its your duty to write 'moved' on it and put it back in the mail system. I'm sure it'll go to the right place.

Comment Re:Wifi allergy (Score 1) 82

It's logical to presume that our universe did not create a demon with horns that tortures "bad" people for all of eternity at the whim of a bearded white man sitting on a throne atop a cloud, with his spirit on one side and his son on the other side. The universe is far greater than that, whether it was created by the word of God that gave birth to the universe, or an initial vibration that set off a massive expansion and standing waves that led to the formation of matter when things cooled down.

Also the modern Christian 'devil' is just that; very modern and did not exist in Judaism nor even European paganism (eg Norse, Celt, Germanic, Greek nor Roman).

Comment Re:Religion by any other name (Score 1) 667

They have to continuously crank up the extremes of zero tolerance for anyone who deviates from their ideas...

What I find really interesting and strange is that the very people who are most in favor of 'zero tolerance' policies would most likely say that they believe in a tolerant society, that people should be tolerant. Its got to be cognitive dissonance driving them insane.

Comment Re:Because that would be unimaginable CENSORSHIP? (Score 1) 829

"We should stop Muslims coming into America until we can figure out what the hell is going on." is not hate speech.

I'm guessing you're not a Muslim.

"Until our elected representatives can figure out what the FUCK is going on."

I think he's being reasonable. I'm not even American nor even in that country, nor would I ever go to that country. But I think Trump is the president the USA *DESERVES*.

He's also very popular so thats got the SJW's fucking terrified, that their minority rule will come to an end.

Comment Re:Twitter shouldn't be shutting anyone down.. (Score 1) 829

What's so difficult to understand, he doesn't want Muslims in the country regardless of whether or not they are terrorists, how is that not hateful?

What if he said no black people in the country, would you be OK with that too?

re Muslims, still not hateful. Just very cautious. Remember, he said "Until our elected representatives can figure out what the FUCK is going on."

Comment Re:Because that would be unimaginable CENSORSHIP? (Score 1) 829

[quote]"We should stop Muslims coming into America until we can figure out what the hell is going on." is not hate speech.[/quote]

I think it is.
His words imply that muslims (a very very diverse group of people) are the sole cause of the problems he wants figured out.
He tries to paint muslims as terrorists.

The Grand Mufti in Saudi Arabia just issued a fatwa against the game of chess. He has yet to issue a fatwa against suicide bombing or terrorism in general. I think this speaks volumes about the official Islamic line on terrorism.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 829

Did a libtard SJW submit this story? They really hate free speech.

Free speech becomes hate speech. Speaking your mind becomes frowned on.

And this is bad because...? Welcome to life dude. Yes, speaking your mind becomes frowned on. Does that stops you from speaking your mind as a matter of principle? You need to really live in a state of repression to understand how precious it is to speak your mind, even if everyone else frowns on you.

Yes, in the USA thats what 'free speech zones' are for!

Comment Re:Subscribe to Editors (Score 1) 829

Instead of shutting down accounts, twitter should enable people to subscirbe to blocklist maintainers - "twitter editors." Just like AdBlock has a bunch of block lists you can subscribe to, Twitter should let people subscribe to whitelists and blacklists.

New accounts default to a blacklist equal to what twitter already disables. Let there be a kid-friendly white-lists so your kid will only see tweets from vetted kid-friendly twitter feeds. For super religious people, you can sign up to a blasphemy blacklist, etc. But if you want the full asshole experience you can unsubscribe from all lists and get the raw untreated sewage.

People could even make money charging for access to their white/black list services.

yeah a 'protect me from the nasty words!' list!

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