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Comment: Source Navigator (Score 2, Informative) 165

by avdi (#15494007) Attached to: Source Code Browsing Tools?
Source Navigator is the perhaps the most amazingly useful freebie I've ever downloaded. It's absolutely indispensible for making sense of large C/C++ codebases (and it has some support for other languages too). The cross-referencing ability is particularly useful; it's great to be able to call up a graphical call-tree of any function.

Comment: Re:The media is too PC-centric (Score 1) 839

by HarveyBirdman (#11631641) Attached to: HP CEO Carly Fiorina to Step Down
Watch out, Congress is already hell-bent on hate/thought crime legislation.

Far preferable to the Slashdot Self Righteous Knights Templar Squad O' Dumbasses.

Anyone who thinks my silly comment was even on the same planet as hate speech is operating on a zero intellectual level. I have never experienced such a flurry of over-sensitive holier-than-though blasted out the ass responses.

Oh, and Sam Palmisano seems to be doing OK at IBM.

Whatever. You read more into it than was there. Just like every other useless, humorless motherfucker in this world who soils his panties at the first sight of something off color.

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Journal: The Holidays

Journal by HarveyBirdman
Fuck, but I hate the holidays. All those images of happy people with familes and warmth and joy. I think this season is designed specifically to make loner losers like me kill ourselves. Well, they won't defeat me, dammit! I will survive and kick Santa in the ass!
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Journal: Someone is out to get me

Journal by HarveyBirdman
It's true, you know. Even my decent posts get modded "overrated".... even when no one has modded them up in the first place!

They're out there... lurking...

Oh, hey! Kim Possible is on!

Comment: Re:Can you say WRONG (Score 4, Insightful) 103

by OwnerOfWhinyCat (#6603636) Attached to: A Water Molecule's Chemical Formula Isn't Really H20
Must agree Markus. The cow leg counter is a great example.

The absurdity in the article makes one wonder where we've been getting all that hydrogen from for all these years. We've been cracking H2O with electrolysis and been getting both H's pretty consistently for decades. The experiments that show the PH are pretty solid as well, so it seems a little early to start theorizing that black holes are giving off the extra half a mole of Hydrogen we've been getting out of a mole of water.

The cool part (that they seemed to entirely miss) is that these techniques could be used to confirm/reject models for wave-theory covalent bonding. Maybe that tough little benzene ring is resonant at more than just the electron shell level....

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