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Comment Re:No discs = no buy (Score 1) 230

I can think of at least one example of an occurrence of Steam removing content from my library with no warning and no consent from me - and most importantly, no way to prevent it. The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack lost more than half of its content after R*'s license for many tracks expired. No, it is not losing an entire game, but I still felt that this was important content that I had purchased. I had previously owned the physical media version - not sure if a "patch" was issued that would have removed those tracks from that install base, but the tracks would at least still be extractable from the DVD.

Comment When you look up gullible in the dictionary... (Score 0) 235

...I am the example.

I actually bought this for a few minutes. Despite the URL, despite how ridiculous it is on its face.

I think this is a social test for how phishing happens. People, including me, will apparently belive anything.

I am kinda pissed I got caught up in using brain cells on this.

Comment Tapes in the 80s (Score 1) 301

Before any of this internet nonsense, I found an unlabeled cassette tape in a desk in my chem class in maybe 1985. It turned out to be a comp, that after playing it for friends, turned out to be mostly Black Flag, Dead Kennedys and Suicidal Tendencies. I proceeded to buy every album I could find, not only from those bands, but bands like them, like Hüsker Dü. Relevant to piracy in general, but not the the OP.

Relevant to the OP, I own this album. I bought it. I am going to put it on my hard drive, make tapes of it for my old car that only has a tape deck, and put it on my mp3 player, because I want to listen to it everywhere, because I dig it.

This is nonsense, to stop people from listening to music the paid for, wherever they want to listen to it.

Comment Re:Tables cost less than cubicles (Score 1) 156

At the last dot-com I worked at, where I was a dev lead, we had an open plan office which some people liked but rather annoyed me. My annoyance was mitigated by an abundance of more private spaces that anyone was welcome to pick up their laptop and occupy when desired.

Anyway, my reason for replying is that this business was moving toward saving furniture money - but not on tables - on chairs. There was a trend toward standing desks. I understand that for a tiny minority of people this may be easier on their backs, but I do. not. want. standing desk. I want a good expensive ergonomic chair.

Comment Bog normal keychain. (Score 1) 278

1 bicycle lock key, 1 car key and one for the gas cap, 1 key for our apartment. In my pocket, an old iPhone 4, my Langlitz Leathers chain wallet (which is attached to my keys). I get major anxiety if I leave the house without the aforementioned things, my eyeglasses, and my wristwatch.

Comment Re:"Had to" (Score 1) 123

The eventual winner in the crowd-funding market is going to be a company which recognizes that this is nothing more than distributed venture capital, and treats it as such by letting "investors" buy "shares" of the companies seeking funding thus making it obvious that they are also buying all the risk that comes with that. And if the company promises to deliver sample products to shareholders, that's all it is - a promise. Not a contractual obligation.

That's on its face illegal in the USA, though. You'd have to go through the hard mile with the SEC and the IRS before that type of scheme could happen.

Comment My serious requests (Score 1) 159

I am a very heavy daily user of Win 10 TP, for both professional and recreational purposes. Note: I am also a daily Linux user since 1996, and have no shortage of experience with OS X. I find the Win 10 UI more than acceptable, just to get that out of the way. Here are my serious requests, both of which have been submitted.

1. Fix local searching for files. The instant search works for (most) applications and (some) registered document types, but searching for unregistered files by filename is utterly broken. I use GNU find under Cygwin when I really need to, and I should not have to.

2. Give me (back) more manual control of Windows Update and Windows Defender. I should not have to go into the Scheduled Tasks administrative tool to control when these processes execute. Further, let me exclude things from Windows Update. The x64 8.1 driver for my (AMD) video card is more stable than the update provided by Windows Update, and yet weekly Windows installs the driver that I do not want.

Those are really my main requests. Overall, I find Windows 10, even at preview level, faster, just as stable and just as usable as Windows 7.

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