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Comment Re: Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 2) 450

Used to have a friend who jokingly (though I think its true) commented on the fact that they started out with the GUN and designed the aircraft around it.

That's the story I heard as well. If you look at the gun by itself, you can see that it's probably not far from the truth.

Comment Re:I'd pay Carly money too. (Score 1) 122

Holy shit your politicians are expensive! In any decent country you could buy one for a few tens or hundreds of thousands. Sheesh, gimme the "$5-10 billion in spending" and I'll buy you most of Africa, that's much better value for money.

(Plus, people there are a lot less critical about what you do with your government once you've bought it).

Comment Re:Small != Cheap (Score 1) 143

The maintenance/support/licensing costs of a given gizmo is probably roughly the same regardless of the cost or size of the physical box*. The software is becoming the bottleneck.

No, what to do with the thing(s) is the bottleneck. As projects like OLPC have shown, simply airdropping in technology and hoping it'll sort itself out is a recipe for little more than millions wasted on, well, airdropping in technology (unfortunately Ivan Krstic's "Sic Transit Gloria Laptopi" has gone 404 or I'd post a link to that).

About fifteen years ago I watched (from the periphery) as the US Govt sank several billion dollars into technology that was essentially an unproven hypothesis dreamed up by geeks (the fact that in the ten years before that no-one had been able to make it work didn't seem to bother them). A few years later someone published a report on it titled "Nothing but Pilots", which pretty much summed up the outcome.

On the one hand if you sit back with everything you do and wait for use cases to appear you'll never make much progress, but then you need at least one or two real, practical applications before you roll out some new geek dream. It sounds like the Barcelona deputy mayor has reached the "Nothing but Pilots" stage of the cycle.

Comment Re:Distance? (Score 3, Interesting) 77

Seeing its own construction light would make that the world's biggest selfie. XXIst century priorities, you see...

Speaking of selfies, by the time this is completed in 2027 (planned time + overruns), you'll be able to get the same resolution on the iPhone 23. It's like using computers for code-breaking, the best way to break crypto that takes ten years to attack is to wait 9 1/2 years and then do it in six months on the computer you can get then. The best way to get this camera is to wait until a year before it's due to be comissioned, then buy the sensors that'll be available then. Oh, and in the meantime you can be collecting interest on the money you're not spending.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 377

I have no problem with the mountain being called Denali. However, I'm not sure what this really accomplishes. Many mountains in the world aren't called by the name given them by the native peoples.

And if they really want to give it the name used by the original inhabitants, it needs to be called "Y'tng'ag'wlll''... ahh, dammit, can't get the typography right for creatures without facial tentacles.

Comment Re: Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 5, Funny) 450

It's staged because the F-18 kicks the ass off the F-35, and the cost of operation of the F-35 sucks as well, even though we're stuck with it.

You didn't read the rest of the story, which states "In order to make the comparison fair, the A10 will be fuelled with paraffin wax and weedkiller, have a large number of anvils bolted to it, and will be dragging a large boat anchor. 'We hope this at least evens the odds a bit so the F35 will look OK', a Pentagon spokesthing was quoted as saying".

Comment Re: It's a hacked Deja Vu (Score 1) 207

Journalists are not developers

Exactly, you can't possibly expect journalists to do any research for the story they're writing, I mean that would be crazy.

so they wouldn't know there was anything after Courier New. Heck, they didn't know there was a New version to Courier.

In any case New Courier never really took off, it was replaced after only a few months by Courier Classic (which was really just standard Courier re-branded).

Comment Re:Their work is being wasted. (Score 2) 137

The entire FreeBSD ports tree had in Q1 2015 a bit less than 7000 commits from 163 developers

That's because they have a small, focused developer group, not a global clusterfsck where everyone gets to stick their dick in.

(Yeah, I know, this'll get modded flamebait, but I'm trying to make a serious point, a small focused group typically does a much better job than a Monglian horde).

Comment Re:Their work is being wasted. (Score 1) 137

We're getting to the point where the Linux kernel itself is superb, but everything built on top of it is becoming utter shit.

Don't worry - in one of the upcoming Systemd releases, the Linux kernel will finally be 100% replaced.

I've always wondered when they're finally going to rename it everythingd. The closest equivalent I can think of is svchost.exe, which is at about the same level as everythingd.

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