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Comment: Re:The new version is terrible! (Score 1) 198

by arglebargle_xiv (#49492143) Attached to: Google Sunsetting Old Version of Google Maps

I didn't even know that the old one was still available, so I've been forced to use the new one. And despite all of the usage, I still hate it. Do they not focus test these sort of things?

Of course they did, on the same people that Slashspot tested Beta on.

I have a permanent redirect for Google maps, just go to Google Maps Classic. Of course now that they're discontinuing it, the utility of the redirect will be limited (sigh). Now it'll be a toss-up between which sucks less, new Google Maps or Apple Maps.

(ObAppleMaps joke: A man using Apple Maps walks into a bar. Or a church. Or a cinema. He's not quite sure.

Comment: Re: title is wrong (Score 1) 234

by arglebargle_xiv (#49476019) Attached to: Chess Grandmaster Used iPhone To Cheat During Tournament

If he can argue his way out of the charges, he might be a masterdebater, though.

And that's what's really going on here, he was ducking into the lav to toss one off but since masterdebation is still illegal in Dubai he had to come up with this ludicrous red herring involving an iPhone and toilet paper. Suspiciously soggy toilet paper...

Comment: Re:Arbitrary major version jumps (Score 2) 172

by arglebargle_xiv (#49462415) Attached to: Linux 4.0 Kernel Released
I know that sounds like cynical marketroidism, but sometimes you do need to do that to wean people off some hideously ancient version they're still running on an old 386 under Netware 3.1 bricked into a wall next to the second floor men's toilet. "Last 3 major versions" sounds like a pretty generous strategy, we do "last n minor versions", where n is usually spread over 2-3 years. In other words unless you have a long-term support contract, if you come to us with a problem in a product written in the heyday of Windows XP, you're told to upgrade.

Comment: Re:remember...... (Score 1) 187

by arglebargle_xiv (#49455659) Attached to: LG Split Screen Software Compromises System Security

It is no surprise that LG decided to ship a half baked solution for their new flagship displays.

It's kind of a surprise they shipped it at all. I didn't know what this thing did without a bit of googling, it appears that it's custom software that allows you to display multiple windows at once on your desktop, like, um, what's that Microsoft OS called that does that too? Not Microsoft Window (aka Windows 8), but the one where you can have multiple windows tiled across your desktop.

Oh yeah, Windows 1.0, that was it.

Comment: Re:UAC is for idiots (Score 1, Funny) 187

by arglebargle_xiv (#49455507) Attached to: LG Split Screen Software Compromises System Security

As what I'd consider a 'power user', one of the first things I do is turn that obnoxious thing off.

And I appreciate that, I really do, although I wish you had less crap on your machine, it's slowing down the warez site I'm running on it. Some of the other guys have been complaining as well.

Oh, and could you at least write or call your mother once a week or so, I'm getting sick of seeing her nagging in your inbox.

Comment: Re:No one mentions the cost (Score 2) 140

by arglebargle_xiv (#49384333) Attached to: World's Largest Aircraft Seeks Investors To Begin Operation

We paid 90 million for something we sold back to the builders for 300k. What the hell man?

Probably out of embarrassment. It may be called the Airlander but Flying Buttcrack

would be a better name. If that thing was flesh-coloured instead of white it'd be on porn sites.

Comment: Re:Why doesn't Moz acknowledge the market share is (Score 2) 156

by arglebargle_xiv (#49383911) Attached to: Firefox 37 Released

Because the Firefox devs think their browser should pander to the tablet-interface loving users, with advanced features hidden and the GUI dumbed down - while a large part of their user base specifically wants an "advanced" browser with lots of addons which does NOT look like Chrome.

I was rather shocked when I first ran Firefox on Android, I was expecting,well, Firefox, but what I got was some massively dumbed-down piece of junk that was worse than a range of no-name Android-only browsers from vendors I'd never heard of before. I eventually went with one of them, and at one point submitted a bug report. Within a few hours I had a reply, and a fix. It was everything Firefox should be, but isn't.

I've been a Firefox user since Phoenix 0.3, but none of my mobile devices runs it, and desktop is only hanging on because of all the plugins (of which, admittedly, about half are installed just to undo all the crap they've done to the browser in the last few years).

Still, at least they're hard at work on Firefox OS, which is what the market has been crying out for.

Comment: Re:Not a huge change. (Score 1) 112

Honestly, the most noticeable change was that the font changed on the tabs and URL bar.

Oh gawd, this obviously means that Firefox will have to make the same change in their Chrome-clone browser. I dread it every time Google makes a change because I know it'll be in the next release of Chromefox...

Comment: Re:research funded by DARPA (Score 1) 40

by arglebargle_xiv (#49352525) Attached to: MIT Debuts Integer Overflow Debugger

Okay, research paid for with my tax dollars. Where can I download it?

You can't. The title should have read "MIT Publishes Paper Discussing Alleged Integer Overflow Debugger That You'll Never Be Able to Get Your Hands On".

(Incidentally, this isn't the first paper on a tool like this. None of the tools have ever been released for general use, although you can occasionally find buggy, research-prototype level code somewhere. I played with one a year or two ago, after several hours of rewriting their code to try and get it working on something other than the one specific configuration of some old Linux distro they tried it with I gave up).

Comment: Re:Duh (Score 1) 23

by arglebargle_xiv (#49352511) Attached to: 'Bar Mitzvah Attack' Plagues SSL/TLS Encryption

The flaws in RC4 have been known about for a long time but were thought irrelevant in the scheme of SSL/TLS to the point where RC4 was the preferred cipher suit only a few years ago as it was one of the few that were able to mitigate the BEAST attack. So the GP's comment that there's no surprise since RC4 has been known to be weak for a decade isn't quite the full story.

At least part of the fault lies in the TLS standard and standards process itself. While TLS includes extensive processes for adding new mechanisms of all types to the protocol (and dear God has there been a mountain of crap shovelled in there over the years), there's no procedure whatsoever for taking things out (apart from the very ad-hoc "ZOMG THE SKY IS FALLING TELL EVERYONE NOT TO USE THIS ANY MORE" approach). So the single biggest step towards fixing these problems (there's many of them) is to build in some way of removing these ancient, flaw-riddled mechanisms.

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