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I've never had to work in a truly dysfunctional shop,

You really need to distinguish between cases where this is endemic and where it's caused by certain individuals. The linked article 10 Sure Shot Ways to Lose Your Team describes at least some behavioural traits that would correspond to one of the group of personality disorders for which the people who exhibit them are popularly referred to as sociopaths, and in their more extreme forms, psychopaths (unfortunately Hollywood has pretty much mangled most people's understanding of what that really means). This is why some companies specifically screen any management-level interviewees for psychopathic tendencies, they may appear to be (that is, create the illusion of being) effective managers, but they're actually very destructive to the company in the long term.

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I'm 5'11" and there is plenty of room in Economy plus. If you're a frequent flyer you can get Economy Plus for free when you book a ticket on United, I assume Delta is the same for their frequent flyers.

I'm 1.95m (6'5" for Americans) and once had to fly Austrian Airlines transatlantic. They have 31 or even 30" seat spacing, the seats were so cramped I had to sit with my legs angled out sideways, and to shift them from the right to the left had to lift them up, move across, and drop them down again (bit hard to explain in text form). For eight hours.

Result: I've asked our travel people to never, ever book me on an Austrian flight again. Well, that and Hello Kitty Airways.

So they may have saved a few dollars by squashing in some extra seats, but they've permanently lost a passenger who does quite a bit of flying to Austria. I don't know how many others they've lost this way...

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Are rules for some and suggestions for the rest of us. The IEEE can put a standard on cleaning the toilet.

At least where I work, most likely is that it will be more paper work to get done

Well it is normal practice to not consider cleaning the toilet until the occupant has finished their paperwork.

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Lots of construction work is only safe to do when the crew is working together. [...] It's not just a union thing.

It's certainly a something thing. Here's a conversation I had with a construction worker in NY:

Me: Hi, how's it going.

Construction worker: I'm having my lunch [As in: Go away].

Me: Mind if I grab a seat? [There wasn't any other seating, this being the point of the attempted conversation]

Construction worker: CAN'T YOU SEE I'M HAVING MY LUNCH?

I just assumed it was some kind of union thing, they're being paid to eat but not anything else, so if I want to ask whether I can grab a seat I have to do it during paid work hours.

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From TFA

PMR (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) or low-resistance helium technology was employed.

They actually use a variant of PMR that's based on magnetic monopoles. The reason why they're "shipping only to select enterprise clients" is because there's a limited supply of those, looted by the Red Army from a secret Nazi lab in 1945 and only recently rediscovered in former NKVD archives in a bunker outside Moscow.

Not a lot of people know that...

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From TFA

"Threshold" is expected to include a number of new features that are aimed at continuing to improve Windows' usability on nontouch devices and by those using mice and keyboards alongside touch.

What this backwards statement is actually saying is

"Threshold" is expected to reinstate a number of standard Windows features that were removed/crippled in order to impair Windows' usability on nontouch devices, once again making it usable by those using mice and keyboards.


I expect the packaging to be a Windows 7 box with a "9" sticker strategically pasted over the "7".

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It was just coming into favour when I left. When I was around it was Modula-2 and Eiffel (for OOP) at University.

Given that Eiffel was created by Satan himself to torture lost souls, I can't see how Java could be worse. The language itself was quite nice and had some good ideas, but the programming/development environment was appalling, I'd rather spend eternity in the company of Beelzebub and all his hellish instruments of death than have to develop code using those tools again.

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This is what happens when a customer doesn't want to own the system they are buying. Like a lot of places they probably had MBAs at the top who took the whole "not our core competency" thing too far. Yet again. Sure hire a vendor or vendors. But Own The Fucking System. Don't just let the vendors do what they want. It is a licence to push out shit with no oversight. I don't know for certain that this was the case here but that would be my guess.

That's not a silver bullet. There's a government IT project running in Australia where they decided to do exactly that, Own The Fucking System. You now have a government department with this huge tumor growing out the side of it that develops, updates, and maintains their IT project. Since govt.departments aren't set up to run IT development work, it's ended up as an antipattern for everything you can do wrong in a project of this nature. There's way, way too much to type in here, but given the level of fail I'm sure one or more people will write books about it at some point.

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