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Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 1) 334

if there's anything that describes the US military brass, it's "relentlessly competent"?

This goes back to (at least) WWII, where there was a saying among the ground troops that "When the Germans flew over, the British ducked. When the British flew over, the Germans ducked. When the Americans flew over, everyone ducked".

There's a - possibly apocryphal - story of Patton nominating some USAF pilots for the Iron Cross after being strafed by them three times in one day. Less apocryphal is that more US troops, including the highest-ranking casualty in the war, a Lt.General, were killed by USAF pilots than Luftwaffe pilots during D-Day (Operation Cobra, in which US ground troops fired at their own planes in frustration).

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 391

bottled water is now on track to overtake soda as the largest beverage category in two years.

Everyone should note that for the most part bottled water is just "tap water" that has been filtered.

The OP forgot to mention "fruit juices", which is fruit that's been peeled (to eliminate all that nasty fibre and vitamins in the skin), pulped, the juice extracted (to get rid of any remaining fibre) and then processed so that what's left is a huge dose of good, healthy(tm) fructose and not much else. So now you can be healthy(tm) and natural(r) while drinking something that often has more sugar in it than Coke/Pepsi/whatever.

At least expensive tap water in plastic bottles isn't obviously unhealthy for you (except that it's not subject to the same stringent regulation as what water utilities provide, so it can be less healthy than tap water, but then I'm sure a little e.coli never hurt anyone), all you get is the environmental impact of all that plastic.

Comment Re:Google is mining my user data? (Score 4, Funny) 101

I know your post is funny, but let's not overlook the opportunity to critique what is possibly the worst Slashdot article ever.

They forgot to give us Bennet Haselton's thoughts on the subject. That would have been the finishing touch that made it the worst article ever.

Comment Re:Uh? (Score 2) 308

It's perfect. Now my Pi can have Telemetry! DirectX ought to come in handy, too.

Just as we don't have Pi's telling us to go out and find some dodgy hookers, maybe pick up some syphilis, share a few needles and get hepatitis, so we shouldn't be telling Pi's to infect themselves with Win10.

Comment Re: Poor VW (Score 1) 203

A bit more time? Extra days spent charging is not "a bit", particularly if the trip is 300 miles each way. Currently, in nearly any gasoline or diesel car, I would drive 5 hours nonstop and be there.

Or about 50 minutes by air, with the ticket costing you less than the price of the petrol (assuming US cheap airfares are about the same as here). Why would anyone want to drive for half their weekend to get somewhere when you can just fly, and the travel time is just a speedbump?

Comment Re:Shop elsewhere if you need this drug (Score 1) 372

I live in Canada. I refute what you wrote

No, you're confirming what I wrote. Bricks-and-mortar Canadian pharmacies are fine. Many/most online "Canadian" pharmacies are fronts for Russian organised crime. For example if you look at CIPA's figures, there are only 68 websites that meet the CIPA standards and are authorized to carry the CIPA certification mark, which makes the other eight million or so sites fakes (at least by CIPA standards).

Come to Canada and buy your medication

Yep, that's the one way to get guaranteed quality. If you buy online you'll probably still be OK, but you are taking a bit of a gamble.

Comment Re:Dirty move by Lenovo (Score 1) 134

I was surprised to find it on mine, it's a business laptop which, so far, hadn't been infected by any of their other stuff. I guessed they didn't want to annoy their business customers, and since they're being paid a premium for the device they don't need to subsidise the cost with bloatware.

Comment Re:Shop elsewhere if you need this drug (Score 4, Interesting) 372

It's a complicated situation. Outside the US, critlcal/life-saving drugs are generally covered by government regulations that keep them affordable. Inside the US, pharma companies get to set whatever price they want. Since this drives buyers to non-US sources, they've got their friends in the US congress to pass laws making it illegal to buy (or at least bring in) drugs from alternative sources. Sure, some people will die because they can't afford the medication they need, but by and large profit margins will be maintained. It's an acceptable loss.

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