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Comment: Re:Linux-based? (Score 1) 163

That's what I thought too, and then there's the "smaller than a Word document", which is a bit like saying "shorter than a piece of string". I've seen embedded "OSes" that fit into less than 10K, but they're more like task switchers than any kind of OS, and certainly don't have auto-config and who knows what else they're claiming. I suspect this announcement may end up, on closer investigation, to be a badly mistranslated statement about toilet paper production in the next five-year plan.

Comment: Re:Double-speak (Score 4, Insightful) 118

It's also easy enough for Mozilla to claim you won't be locked into any ecosystem because they don't have one. For Android at least the ecosystem is what makes it so valuable (for Apple I'm guessing it's about 50% cool electronic jewellery and 50% ecosystem).

I didn't buy my Android phone to make a social statement, I bought it because of the Android ecosystem. The ecosystem is a feature, not a flaw.

Comment: Re:The trick... (Score 1) 245

The problem is that the term "psychopath" doesn't mean quite the same thing in colloquial use as it does is psychological use. It's a bit like debating whether food is "Organic," at least a few years ago before the FDA created guidelines, between a member of the general public and a chemist. Even to a psychologist it has a very broad definition and is not a specific diagnosis, but to a psychologist the term "psychopath" means what most members of the general public think is "sociopath."

Sure. I didn't want to go into that much detail though because it would have ended up as an essay, psychopath/sociopath is the general-public term while psychologists talk about personality disorders with a severity rated on a standard diagnostic like the Hare Psychopath Checklist (PCL-R). Simplifying that down for public consumption to "Joe is a psychopath/Fred is a sociopath" loses quite a lot of detail. For people interested in this, read "The Psychopath Test" by Jon Ronson, for a more technical discussion try Bob Hare's "Without Conscience". However, no amount of reading can really prepare you for your first encounter with an actual psychopath/sociopath, it's like a rabbit encountering a cute doggie and not realising it's facing down a timber wolf.

Comment: Re:The trick... (Score 4, Interesting) 245

Suspected psychopaths can be identified through other traits, however if they're sufficiently high-functioning it typically takes a forensic psychologist and a bit of time to resolve. So you have to have both suspicion that someone is a pathological liar and access to a trained person to sort things out. So on the one hand it doesn't make them magically immune to investigation, but it does require different resources than standard police techniques. FBI staff for example do get some training in this area, but you need to have experience interviewing actual psychopaths to prepare you for dealing with them, it's one thing reading about them but quite another experiencing them in person.

(Incidentally, if people think Hannibal Lecter when they hear "psychopath" then think again, although he had some psychopathic traits (grandiose sense of self), he was really just yet another Hollywood-ised mad killer. The character from Wolf of Wall Street is probably the closest Hollywood has come to an accurate portrayal of a psychopath).

Comment: Re:Why you should care (Score 1) 154

by arglebargle_xiv (#49671427) Attached to: Windows 10 the Last Version of Windows? Not So Fast.

Buy a new machine? That'll be a new Windows license because OEM licenses are not transferable. I can see a cash cow there as healthy as it's ever been, so long as they can retain their number 1 position in OEM machines.

New machines are a pretty small cow (maybe a rabbit or something) because they're only getting OEM volume-license prices rather than full retail for a member of the public upgrading their machine. Depends on the volume I guess, but you have to shift a lot of licenses at OEM volume prices to match the profit from a retail license sale.

Comment: Re:Not yet statistically significant (Score 1) 408

I expect the number haven't been publicized, because they are still to limited to have any significance

There's actually lots more data out there, I mean my wife has had plenty of accidents and it's never her fault either. There's bounds to be more like that out there...

Comment: Re:Why you should care (Score 0) 154

by arglebargle_xiv (#49670515) Attached to: Windows 10 the Last Version of Windows? Not So Fast.

It sounds to me like Microsoft doesn't even have a clue what they're doing with Windows.

They do seem to have lost the plot, first a version of Windows so bad they skipped an entire major version number to distance themselves from it, and now it looks like they're killing off their cash-cow upgrade cycle where everyone has to go out and buy version n+1 every few years because Bill^H^H^HSteve^H^H^Hwhoeveritisnow says so.

Comment: Re:Ebola (Score 4, Funny) 186

I understand avian flu wasn't the best idea since people feared birds. But what's wrong with Ebola?

Oh come on, how ridiculous is that! Next thing you know we won't be able to say "porch monkey" any more. My grandmother used to call me a porch monkey all the time when I was a kid because I'd sit on the porch and stare at my neighbours. She was just an old timer, that's the way people talked back then! Didn't mean they were racist... Although my grandmother did refer to a broken beer bottle once as a nigger knife... You know, come to think of it, my grandmother was kind of a racist.

Comment: Re:First Post - New Computer Language ? (Score 1) 82

unknown code words ?

How can they tell the difference between a new unknown codeword and a typo? For that matter, is CLOUD SYNERGY a secret program or a marketing term?

(If you want to create the ultimate hiding-in-plain-view secret program, start it with the ACTION ITEM view controller driving ELEVATOR PITCH monitoring devices built on PARADIGM SHIFT technology with STRATEGIC ROLE functionality and optional COMPETITOR STRATEGY and BIG PICTURE modules, all tied together via CRITICAL PATH and CUSTOMER FOCUS software. 50% of people reading it will fall asleep and the other 50% will have their heads explode, while you can get on with recording everyone's phonecalls and figuring out how to get Congress to mandate video cameras in bedrooms).

Comment: Re:Some good data... (Score 1) 434

by arglebargle_xiv (#49627585) Attached to: Google Can't Ignore the Android Update Problem Any Longer

I'm not too sure that having the latest OS is the consumer's highest priority.

In any case upgrading the OS on your Android phone is pretty straightforward, it's straight from the Jack Valenti school ("If you want to back up your DVD, you buy a second DVD"). In this case, when you want to upgrade the OS on your phone, you throw it away and buy a new one with the newer OS on it. This is so much simpler for consumers than that confusing process of applying updates and patches, I don't know why other vendors didn't think of this before.

Comment: Re:The right way to do this: (Score 1) 288

You're overestimating what this "kill switch" does. To shut down the computer you pull out the USB stick. That's it. No killing. No detecting forensics. Just a shutdown switch.

How TF did this make the front page? It's a fscking on/off (well, off-only) switch done via USB. What's next, "Dell introduces amazing new kill switch on latest laptops, labelled 'Power'"?

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