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Comment: Re:Aww hell. (Score 3, Funny) 177 177

Oh, are they for narcissists? I thought they were courtesy items carried by selfie-takers to allow annoyed bystanders to beat them to death. I have personally beaten at least five selfie-takers to death with their own selfie sticks. If you go to the large fountain in Buda Castle, the one that people like to take selfies in front of, and look for the blood stains on the cobbles, that was me.

Comment: Re: Fired? (Score 3, Funny) 142 142

1. Password written on a sticky note placed under the keyboard.

2. Password on a strip of paper taped over on the palm-rest of a laptop.

Perfectly good way to manage your passwords when you're in Burnt Scrotum, New Mexico and your opponent is in Pudong, China.

Comment: Re:So rich guy loses court case with bank (Score 2) 117 117

So why is this on slashdot exactly? This site is supposed to be about the tech itself, not the financial problems of the people behind it.

Treating this like "Shuttleworth's problem" is losing sight of the big picture. The SA government is desperate to prevent money leaving the country, because if it was easy to get out, a significant chunk of the population would (SA, particularly in the large cities, is not a fun place to live). They may have eliminated the apartheid-era controls, but they've introduced far stricter ones to prevent capital flight from the country. Shuttleworth's case is just one of the more visible ones, there are huge numbers of people who would leave if they could get their money out.

Comment: Re:hardly revolutionary (Score 1) 127 127

The article starts with a picture that suggests it replaces the Esc key. (I can hear your screams of shock and pain from here.)

You're right. Initially I thought it was up in the uselss-wank row of keys that vendors like to put above the function keys, but it does appear to be replacing the Esc key. Assuming they then follow the Lenovo Carbon Gen 2 model of keyboard braindamage which is... well it's hard to describe in words, see for yourself (yes, someone actually did that on purpose, which is why you can buy Gen 2's on eBay for much less than the older Gen 1's), there'll be a quick subsequent release of a Model n+1 that undoes it all again.

Comment: Re:nobody wants a fullscreen IM app (Score 4, Informative) 186 186

nobody wants a fullscreen IM app. that's the problem.

Well, except tablet users...

You've asked all of them, I suppose?

I use Skype on a tablet, and I want it as a background app so I can chat while I'm doing other stuff. I don't want it taking over the entire screen, or doing anything else more significant than a notification area icon to tell me it's still running.

Comment: Re:so trade bills (Score 5, Insightful) 413 413

Without America, TPP is dead, but there will likely be a new free trade agreement to replace it, anchored on China, rather than America.

That's because China sees a trade agreement as being about trade and making money, not a means of furthering the global agendas of whichever megacorporations pay the people writing it the most money. I'm from a country that has a free trade agreement with China, negotiated openly and available for anyone to check (heck, there's even a web site set up to tell you all you need to know), that basically says "you sell us your stuff, we sell you ours, the rest is up to you". That's a free trade agreement, not the stuff US corporations are trying to force on the world.

Comment: Re: intuitively I would think steam would be bette (Score 1) 217 217

To be fair, a retrofit to fuel cells would be relatively simple, since everything on the boat runs on electricity anyway.

Well yeah, that one's simple, but what about the unicorn farts mentioned by a previous poster? Just the torque converters for that alone would be enormous, not to mention the extra whangle drums and sliding paff gongbudgers.

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