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Comment Re:False headline... (Score 1) 157

Probably because you need to drain power to the clock and a hard reset doesn't do that?

That assumes that Apple don't have a backup power source for the clock in the not-too-unlikely even that the battery runs out of charge. There are digital cameras that will keep time accurately over several months with a completely flat battery, so I'd expect something similar from a phone.

Comment Re:I hope they keep the Picasa desktop app around. (Score 1) 140

It's good for techies, but not usable for relatively non-technical people. The Windows photo manager, which I consider horribly annoying and dumbed-down, isn't actually a bad option for people like family members who just want to sort their photos. Unfortunately while MS have put a ton of effort into getting the point-and-drool right, they've more or less ignored things like EXIF support (picture orientation, tagging, and so on), which makes it a lot more work to use than it should be.

Comment Re:I hope they keep the Picasa desktop app around. (Score 1) 140

Did they ever get it to the point where it wouldn't crash instantly if it wasn't running as admin? I looked at it ages ago as an easy-to-use photo app for my parents, but it crashed on startup if run from a non-admin account. Google's response to repeated bug reports from users about this was "yeah, well, meh", and there was no way I was giving my parents admin on their PCs, otherwise I'd be doing a four-hour drive every few days to rebuild them.

Comment Re:Let's get real (Score 1) 256

That's a modern US warhead. The Unha is an updated mix of Rodong/Nodong rockets which are scaled-up Scuds which are basically V2s, so they're not exactly using the most modern technology. I would imagine their warhead technology is at about the same level, some WWII-era gun-type assembly or something. Given their yields (a couple of kT, when they don't fizzle), it seems unlikely it's even something as, uh, "sophisticated" as boosted fission. All speculation obviously, but my guess is they have some 1940s-vintage monster of a device that's not even remotely suited for delivery by air. Stick it on a freighter and sail it into San Francisco bay would be a better option.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 555

We need those guys even more than we did before the original question was answered.

Climate scientists aren't qualified to answer most of those questions; you need to hire economists and agronomists.

Particularly when they're consultants for Koch Industries and the like, they're guaranteed to provide clear, unbiased advice.

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