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Comment Dosbox with accelerated 3DFX emulation coming soon (Score 1) 585 585

Check this topic: They already have an executable compiled for anyone to test out. Plus you can use it to run the original voodoo drivers for windows 95 - 98 for hardware accelerated Direct 3D games. Here's a gallery of 3DMark '99, using the DirectX 6 benchmark in dosbox: You can download the compiled test executable ( on this page in the forums:

Comment Re:Ok wtf is wrong with the layout (Score 1) 2254 2254

Ok I enabled scripts for like it said on the options page, but now firefox is taking up 30% cpu time and it shows that there is 50% usage on one of my cpu cores. My machine is a AMD64 x2 4200+ running at 2.2ghz 2gig's ram Winxp sp3, FireFox version (yes it's an old version I know), but that constant cpu load shouldn't be happening.

Comment Re:MW (Score 1) 156 156

Too bad that MW2: Mercenaries doesn't work properly in dosbox. You need to check if you have one of the working version's here: Also read here for installation types:

Comment Re:Nice (Score 3, Informative) 156 156

Well if you look around on the vogons dosbox forums: , you will find out that you can run Windows 95 in dosbox with some tweaks. In fact, they are using the real voodoo drivers installed in windows 95 for testing the voodoo emulation in dosbox.

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