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Comment: Re:No more DRM on music, but... (Score 1) 1079 1079

by anotherone (#26349965) Attached to: Apple Intros 17" Unibody MBP, DRM-Free iTunes

Still, it's a step in the right direction, and I applaud the people over at Amazon (and everyone else selling music without DRM) for doing it first. Without that step, I'm willing to bet that Apple would have stayed with DRM on their music catalog.

I'd take that bet. Apple was selling DRM-free music before Amazon even HAD an MP3 store.

Steve Jobs' "Thoughts On Music" manifesto where he basically said "we hate DRM and want to get rid of it" was posted in February 2007. They started actually selling DRM free music under the "iTunes Plus" name in April 2007. Not everything in their library, mostly indy and EMI labels, but it was more DRM-free downloads than anyone at the time.

Amazon MP3 didn't open until September 2007.


New Nanotech Fabric Never Gets Wet 231 231

Posted by timothy
from the good-for-lining-lunchboxes dept.
holy_calamity writes "New Scientist reports on a simple coating for polyester that renders it unwettable — even after two months underwater it emerges dry to the touch. Water cannot attach to the new fabric thanks to nanostructured filaments and a structure that traps a constant air layer. One potential use is for low-drag swim wear."

+ - CEO of $150 laptop to run for prime minister->

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Xemu writes: "To follow up the story "$150 Linux Laptop for the Masses" and the comments to it, it now seems those who claimed it was all a scam are were right: The CEO of the Madison company had a press conference in Stockholm last night where he announced his plans to run for Swedish Prime Minister after he has built plants across Europe to manufacture his cheap laptops. Oh, and they showed a 150 dollar laptop to the press, with the serial numbers grinded off..."
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+ - FoxTrot moving to Sundays only.

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Randolpho writes: "Every day, I visit one of my favorite comic strips on the web, Bill Amend's FoxTrot. It's most likely one of your favorites, too. Imagine my surprise when I learned this morning that FoxTrot will be moving to a Sunday-only format! I am saddened by this, as I look forward to FoxTrot every day, and now I have to wait a week for my FoxTrot fix! But there is hope. From the article:
"In addition to Sunday newspapers, we may see FoxTrot entertaining us in other kinds of media platforms," says Lee Salem, president and editor of Universal Press Syndicate.
Perhaps a FoxTrot cartoon series similar to PvP's upcoming PvP: The Series?"

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