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Comment False Positives (Score 1) 465

One thing that humans do well no matter how crazy they are is take safety measures even when its 1% chance of danger depending on how it occurs. An automatic car can not calculate all the probable scenarios of that because there is no occurring for the car, its just information.

Comment Re:Enlightenment please (Score 1) 2416

3. Why are Americans so convinced that amoral profit seeking corporations have their best interests at heart, and not an elected government whose power is given to them by the people?

I am not a citizen of US, but I know enough that the question to your answer has something to do with what they call "Progressive Era"

Comment Funding problems (Score 3, Insightful) 98

A little skepticism kicks in for me, is this an attempt to raise donations for an otherwise non-funded archaeological expedition ?
Given the letters from little girls with $2 donation being displayed in their "most important sponsors page".
I am not making the expedition wrong, just throwing what came to my head, after all this is the Internet, where I can say what ever I want and get away.

Comment Re:Seriously?? (Score 2) 302

Shut Up seriously. What do you know about OP's life ? How do you know they dont have e social life ? I moved to US with my Daughter and wife when my daughter was 8 months old. we regularly had skype calls with my parents and my wife's parents. Last year when we visited India, my daughter recognized everyone and gave them hugs without shying away or worse running an hiding behind her mom. They loved it. They were so happy that their grand daughter did not consider them as a bunch of strangers, also the skype calls helped her in talking to them in a language they understand, they dont speak a word of english. There is no need to tear the OP to bits just because he/she wants his/her family to be included in his/her joy of life. You must be so lonely.

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