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Comment: Re:Time to move on, perhaps? (Score 2) 753

by ampathee (#38372534) Attached to: Firefox Too Big To Link On 32-bit Windows

If "most people still run 32-bit hardware", then surely the "reality of the present" is that 32-bit builds are needed.

If Mozilla abandons 32-bit builds, then whoever eventually steps up to maintain these unofficial 32-bit builds will have the same problem. And all the 32-bit users who go to will get turned away to some random 3rd party site? I'm sure that will help firefox's popularity.

As you say yourself, 32-bit Windows is far from obsolete. So it would be pretty retarded to just abandon the platform because of a build issue.

Comment: Re:Status of the status bar (Score 4, Informative) 266

by ampathee (#34867064) Attached to: Mozilla To Release Firefox 4 Next Month

Chrome lacks a status bar only when the status bar would be empty. As soon as there is something to put in it, it appears.

Mouse-over a link, and it shows you the target. Click a link, and it tells you what the progress is, until it's finished. Then the status bar disappears again.

Comment: Re:You can't con a con (Score 1) 810

by ampathee (#34788894) Attached to: Running Your Own Ghost Investigation?

If something has a physical cause, how can it also be caused by divine intervention? I mean, what you are saying is that God interfered in some way in order to cause a power outage. That means somewhere along the trail between power-station and your house, something happened which did not have a physical, natural cause. Something defied the laws of physics.

Your anecdote *can* be readily explained though - it was a coincidence. I assume your wife did not specifically ask God to switch off the power as a sign. So, it's not really valid to point to the unlikelihood of a power-outage, since whatever the next unusual event that occurred was, it could be taken as a "sign".

Coincidences do happen. Sometimes, unlikely things occur - that's why they are only unlikely and not impossible. Calling something a coincidence is not a very satisfying explanation, but it is a valid one.

"There is such a fine line between genius and stupidity." - David St. Hubbins, "Spinal Tap"