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Comment Re:Not meant to be a good device but to undercut C (Score 4, Insightful) 214

It's not useless as is. If you have one specific task for the Pi then you wont need a lot of that stuff. Why pay for ethernet if you wont be using it? Sure this isn't for everyone but I can see things it would be usefull for and I know at 5 bucks a pop it'll wind up doing a lot of things.

Comment Re: I love how the report was originally... (Score 1) 198

I didn't really mean it to be insightful. It was spiteful and mean on purpose to show my disdain and disgust at the incestuous asshole's post. Not the one I replied to but the one he replied to. I am not really sorry if you were offended. Your sensitivities were simply collateral damage though. And I have some Karma to burn.

Comment Re:John Wayne (Score 0) 198

You do know that the old guard in the Republican party hates Trump don't you? It's the party rebels that are cheering him on. I actually don't like The Donald at all. Sadly though, most of the people that hate him the most hate me too. It makes me want to like him because I loathe most of his most vocal detractors. Just to let you know, Fox News takes constant shots at him. They are actually worse than CNN about it.

Comment Re:There were TV documentories on this (Score 3, Interesting) 198

The Soviets were scared shitless of Reagan. Ronnie loved to fuck with them and he came off as a little crazy to them. I remember "the bombers leave in 5 minutes" thing back in 83.

The Soviets went on full alert, they were not amused. The amazing thing is that all that pressure had the effect of bringing about peace in the end. At least until the rise of Putin.

Comment Re:The unaccomplished always envy achievement, eh? (Score 1) 111

I get the idea that the project makes all of this pretty straight forward for less technically inclined users. Not totally clueless maybe but not elite hackers such as yourself. Sure, if you have the skills you can roll your own set up. This just gives you everything you need in a nice package. Not for everyone for sure.

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