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Comment Re:News: Traveling faster than 25mph leads to deat (Score 1) 378

No, the discussion is absolutely about science. Science is a methodology, it's nothing to do with people. Someone calling them self a scientist but making up theories without evidence isn't doing science. Science is how we know train travel isn't dangerous an me science is how we know travel across the solar system is unlikely.

Comment Re:"Laser Strikes" define? (Score 1) 161

What do you count as injury? I've heard stories about lasers aimed at aircraft where they reported the pilot was temporarily dazzled by the light shining into the cockpit. Probably any laser beam visible to the pilot would be considered close enough to report. If your laser really isn't pointed anywhere near any planes I'm sure the pilots aren't seeing anything.

Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 1) 153

You pay about $24/month for those three services. $28 if you don't want any ads. My cable provider's minimal plan is $20/month. For that $20 you get much less content, no HD, and no DVR or on demand viewing. My old cable plan was $60 a month, I get 95% of what I watched on cable for half the cost by using streaming services.

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