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Comment Re:Oh God (Score 1) 268

If God is outside of time then him knowing everything would no more contradict free will than me knowing what someone choose to do in the past does. Just knowing the result of a choice doesn't mean the choice was never made.

That said free will doesn't exist, so it's a pointless argument.

Comment Re:Faster..? (Score 1) 85

Light has one natural advantage, in that it doesn't have mass and so it goes at the speed of light. Electrons are not that fast. It's more complicated though, since both electrons in a conductor and photos in a fiber are slowed down by various amounts depending on the medium. It's very possible that the photos in a photonic chip could be substantially faster than electrons in an electronic chip.

Comment Re:Don't take yours in. (Score 1) 411

The sewage treatment plant has to add water to the sewage when people start to conserve too much

So what? Unless you know the exact state of liquid intake at your local treatment plant I'm guessing they have a better idea of how much is too much than you do.

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