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Comment Re:Trade secrets (Score 4, Insightful) 48

Exactly. We made a decision early on that keeping secrets was bad for broad innovation, so we came up with patents. You get protection, but no more secret. If you want to keep your secret, you give up on extra protection. So a leaked secret shouldn't have extra protection.
As much as the patent system sucks, it still gets a public record of inventions that we might not otherwise be able to recreate.

Comment Re: hypocrisy (Score 1) 390

Jesus's apostles, almost to a man, carried swords. When the priests and temple guards came for Jesus, one of the disciples sliced off an enemy's ear.
In that section, Jesus isn't down with the violence, but he doesn't really condemn it either.

Comment Re:Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh? (Score 1) 475

This must be one of those wetback invaders from central america we heard so much about last year. I wonder what jew is using this aztec retard to do this?

In order to reduce "climate change" perhaps we ought to get rid of these wetbacks and liberal idiots that fly all over the world blabbing about this shit. The whole Western world needs to establish camps with doors that only open inwards to put these leftist degenerates in. As a true environmentalist I don't see any downsides to the extermination of all niggers, jews, wetbacks, muslims, etc.

Remember, White is Right and black is whack.

Poe's law. I can't tell if this is parody (in which case it's kinda funny) or a real opinion (in which case it's horrifying).

Comment Re:Don't Use This! (Score 2) 85

I think you meant homeopathic encryption.

Is that where you keep replacing a random half of the data with zeroes until you get the desired concentration? You need to remember to spike the data with a jolt of energy to make sure that the zeroes remember what the data was. Then you can use the data safely.

Comment Re:Is Al Gore redistributing his wealth??? (Score 1) 249

Well the linked raw data doesn't support your claim. The first big peak is 594 (it goes from 584-604) at 0.09. There's a warm period from 872-881. The next peak is 970 (from 962-991) at 0.16.
Starting at 1981 (by the data set you recommend), the temperature starts going straight up, exceeding the last peak in 1993 and continuing to exceed it every year thereafter.

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