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by alva_edison (#47928731) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9

And brantondaveperson's comment was that the ease of the Linux install was due to the newness, and had you installed an equivalently new windows (7 or 8.1) you wouldn't have had as many problems. Conversely had you tried to install Debian 3.0 or 3.1, or a similarly aged Linux distro; I would expect you to have similar problems to the XP install.
As to system requirements, most performance tests I've seen indicate that if you meet the minimum requirements 7 is faster than XP and 8.1 is faster still.
However, you appeared to have the constraint of "low cost", and if you had the XP license it's not a surprise that's what you went with. Just be aware you aren't comparing apples to apples.

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If they found a cure that worked very well, was easy to administer, safe to administer, and cheap to produce - it'd mean they'll be throwing out their billion dollar -treatment- routines that people keep having to come back to otherwise.

That's what patents are supposedly for. No matter how cheap it is to produce, they would have a limited monopoly on it, so they could charge much more than a free market would normally allow.

Not that I normally endorse free markets, I believe from a consumer point of view they break in half once you get two or three large players that shut out other competition.

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But the data was improperly restricted to people with experience with both slideout keyboards and virtual keyboards. You can't say anything about the general phone population with this restriction in place.

Why is this a big deal?


I would assume that most people have had experience with more than one phone and probably most people
have considered a physical keyboard at some point. The ones who have actually bought them are probably
more likely to be heavy typers/texters so that biases it a little bit but if 30% of the population...

The first half of your second paragraph shows why it's a big deal. In order to make any sense out of the numbers we have to know how many people have owned slide out keyboards (not just physical keyboards in general) vs the total population, and we don't.

Saying 20% of people who have tried both prefer pepsi over coke makes alot
more sense that saying 95% of people who have tried pepsi like it.

Neither of these answers the question of the viability of the market, so they are both equally poor choices if that is what you are looking for.

There might just be too small of market for people who type/text alot and also are willing to pay for an
expensive phone

I can agree with this.

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You seem to think that Pathfinder Society is Pathfinder. That's like saying the RPGA is D&D. Pathfinder as a system can be run any number of ways by any number of GMs, like many other RPGs. However, it may be that you've not met a Pathfinder GM that will run the game like a sandbox, which it sounds like you prefer.

Now, given your other comments, Pathfinder has a similar feel to 3.5 and 4th so you probably wouldn't like it on those grounds.

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A bunch of big-pharma executives are plowing their hookers extra hard tonight. A "cure" that you have to keep taking for the rest of your life, for a relatively common disease. If anything, they are slightly worried the tip of their penis will pop off.

Yay! It's the crazy person who believes in crazy things. Next up, vaccines don't cure anything. They're a method of mind control, and that's why research takes forevar!

I am hoping that this drug does work. If it does, then because of U.S. drug patents it will be relatively expensive for the foreseeable future. It has the potential to be the next Viagra, a drug that has to be taken frequently and is very common. Which, would be a sincere reason to celebrate for the executives of the company that brought it to market, no conspiracy/craziness required.

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Are you arguing that they can keep their security procedures static because the results are good enough?

Yes, there are many sayings about both corner cases and not fixing what isn't broken. Do you honestly think we can improve on a rate of 6-9's? Do you honestly believe the routine humiliation and violations are worth it?

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How effective does it need to be for you? 1%, 10%, 90%? There aren't numbers on how effective the screening is, but there are numbers on flights and bombings (and that's all bombs, not just shoe bombs of which there was one). Roughly 0.00005% (about 10 in 19 million) of all flights (where part of the flight lands in the US) are at risk of bombing annually.

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This source seems to think differently. In either event, explosives aren't something you really want passengers to have, and multiple passengers could have multiple shoes. Are you seriously suggesting that they not screen shoes now?

The linked source agrees with me, 50g would not be enough to do serious damage, you need to have 100g to do serious damage to a car, which (for explosives as opposed to impact) is not much stronger than an airplane fuselage.

Being required to check your own bag is OK. Although some of the searches bags are subject to is questionable, but that's a slightly different topic.

Shoe screening has never been acceptable, especially because it's ineffective.

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