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Comment Re:Virtualize? (Score 5, Insightful) 406

You're both wrong. The reason why these machines weren't virtualized a while ago is that you have to make a lot of serial/parallel/ps2 conversions for ports that are truly physical. These are the types of programs that send specific voltage down the wires and expect exactly something specific in return. Lots of times you try to get those returns right and you simply can't anticipate the various bugs that amazingly show up just a few months after you convert. The real problem? Some are nearly unsolveable. You can't even figure out what the manufacturer/programmer was trying to achieve with their hardware interface so it's best to simply leave eveything as is. Half these people don't even work in computers anymore, let alone the vendor they were at in the 80's.

This coming from a guy who espouses VMs every day on a variety of systems.

Submission + - UK Police use terror powers to seize BBC Newsnight journalist's laptop (

schwit1 writes: Police have used powers under the Terrorism Act to seize the laptop of a young Newsnight journalist in a case that has shocked BBC colleagues and alarmed freedom of speech campaigners, The Independent can disclose.

Officers obtained an order from a judge that was served on the BBC and Secunder Kermani, who joined the flagship BBC2 news show early last year and has produced a series of reports on British-born jihadis.

The development has caused alarm among BBC journalists. The editor of Newsnight, Ian Katz said: “While we would not seek to obstruct any police investigation we are concerned that the use of the Terrorism Act to obtain communication between journalists and sources will make it very difficult for reporters to cover this issue of critical public interest.”

Comment Re:Why not a motorhome? (Score 1) 492

It would at least be respectably configured for living in (bathroom, sink, heat/ac, fridge, etc). Solar on the roof would keep the batteries up with minimal need for generator run time.

If you wanted to go minimalist, you could probably get a pickup camper.

Yeah for a "fun project" I suspect he could plan ahead a little better. Not only could he have purchased a decent used MH for about $20k but you could actually get financing for a new one with all the perks. Also consider that rather than buying a truck outright, he could have just leased it for 36 months.

Comment Re: Don't Know How You Made That Conclusion (Score 4, Insightful) 217

Missing spf records were the first thing I thought of as well. That isn't a silver bullet by any means but can certainly help your ratings while you are new and building a reputation.

If his domain is the incredibly stupid then yes, he is missing SPF records. Use to check.

Comment Trillions of Microseconds of Billions of Neutrinos (Score 1) 49

If there are 6 events every minute, and each last 4 microseconds, then that is 131,400 events to review per year. If you multiply all those microseconds and events you get 525,600 microseconds of data, or about .5 seconds worth of neutrinos to review per year. What the heck is this guy so upset about! They must get really bored down there in the Antarctic.

Comment Before you go off the deep end.. (Score 5, Insightful) 117

In America, anti-competitive practices between corporations are illegal. It doesn't matter if they are bidding on the same job and agree to "not compete on this one", bidding on the same employees, or simply saying "don't contact my {insert [vendor / employee / distribution] channels} and I won't contact yours."

Yes, corps can do it and get away with it every day! But if caught they might land themselves a nice fine (see above), or even worse, some time in jail. The corps have quashed the second option for just about any crime they commit, so you are stuck with the first option.

One has got to imagine though, between these practices, H1Bs, 80 hour work weeks, and other wage-lowering standards in the tech field, how many Billions these corps have saved, reinvested, and reaped as untold wealth, while only having their feet held to the fire for about 100m each in this case. They are sure to invent some fascinating practices to hold wages down further in the coming years.

Enjoy your hot soup. cause that's all they serve. on the soup line.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Group! (Score 5, Insightful) 198

What they're offering isn't out of the norm, though I might negotiate with them and ask for read-only access (non-root for servers) at least. I've been a network architect for a few years, and one of the things that comes with: loss of enable access to the routers and switches. Mind you, I was a data center network engineer for a whole bunch of years so I know my way around them. But the organizations would rather I "look, but don't touch". The great thing about it is: I can't be called for an on-call issue because there's nothing I can do to fix it. :-)

Welcome to needing to think strategically. Take what they're offering as a compliment and run with it!

I concur. Take the small wins (especially in big orgs), and help them make the transition. You don't need rights to anything YET. That's after you learn to trust your team to bring things into the newer enterprise model and they learn to trust you. A position of this magnitude, and the experience in performing the full migration will get you even better dollars and perhaps even CIO at a firm slightly smaller, or even the same size depending on how you play it.

If you were willing to stick it out for five years and got a major offer in that time, why not stick it out another two and see where it leads?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Can Edward Snowden run for president? And win? 1

BisuDagger writes: Edward Snowden qualifies under the American rules to run for President of the United States.

  This is controversial because he is under investigation and would be arrested if he returned home. However, someone else is under investigation,alleged law breaker Hillary Clinton, who is also running for President. Edward Snowden could run as an independent should he announce, or citizens could do the old fashion "write-in" his name as their selection. If Snowden did run, would you vote for him? Do you think he could win?

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