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Submission + - the IoT could/might/would spy on you (

turkeydance writes: ...., James Clapper, the US director of national intelligence, was more direct in testimony submitted to the Senate on Tuesday as part of an assessment of threats facing the United States.

“In the future, intelligence services might use the [internet of things] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials,” Clapper said.

Submission + - Meet the soft, cuddly robots of the future (

turkeydance writes: From the publication nature:
“Think about how hard it is to tie shoelaces,” says Daniela Rus, director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. “That's the kind of capability we'd like to have in robotics.”

Submission + - The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment (

turkeydance writes: Why has Bitcoin failed? It has failed because the community has failed. What was meant to be a new, decentralised form of money that lacked “systemically important institutions” and “too big to fail” has become something even worse: a system completely controlled by just a handful of people. Worse still, the network is on the brink of technical collapse. The mechanisms that should have prevented this outcome have broken down, and as a result there’s no longer much reason to think Bitcoin can actually be better than the existing financial system.

Submission + - How the snack stadium went from an Internet joke to a Super Bowl food trend (

An anonymous reader writes: Snack stadiums are equal parts architectural marvel and gluttonous freak show. They are 12,000 calories of lovingly sculpted grocery store aisle snack food; both a delight to behold and a horror to fully comprehend. Snack stadiums are the logical conclusion of when mainstream Americana meets Pinterest kitsch. And they are likely to be coming to a Superbowl party near you

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