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Comment Not a new idea (Score 1) 179

There's a ton of discussion elsewhere (ie, g+), and the Wired article completely misses that he's assuming we know about a classic (and cool) solved problem in computer science, "byzantine generals with collusion".

I suspect it will be attractive to anyone who could lose their master key of a sysadmin quits, and unattarctive to the security services, who don't want to ask for or honour court orders (:-))

Comment Re:75% of intelligence is inherited (Score 3, Insightful) 519

We see the same "sorting" effect in Canada, where being the child of well-to-do parents is absolutely wonderful, and leads to success in business and industry, roughly commensurate with the sum of (intelligence && opportunity). Starting out the child of poor parents gets you no respect, and people assume you're stupid.

The smartest three people in my high schools were a poor kid with parents from the Ukraine, me, with mostly white middle-class parents and the son of a successful businessman. In business success over the years, the businessman's kid came first, then me, then the poor kid. We all did better than the merely not-dumb folks, and really really well by comparison to the dumb kids, with one exception...

Some immensely likeable dumb kids went into sales and did better than any of us (;-))

Comment Re:Good old fashioned crisis management... (Score 1) 298

If you keep saying something, however impossible, eventually you'll get some people to believe you:
they strongly expect you to be shouted down if you're a liar.

This worked for Rob Ford (the druggie mayor of Toronto), and for two, maybe three, countries' rulers during WWII. So if you're a liar, don't stop lying! Redouble your efforts!

Comment Spiffy, like credit-cards (Score 2) 27

My credit-card supplier will issue single-use or otherwise restricted numbers, to use with "untrustworthy vendors". This allows a similar functionality: with the vendor I can be OscarTheSuspiciousGrouch and use a card number that is limited to legitimate stuff.

In both cases I can credibly demonstrate I'm really "Oscar"

Comment Re:It only makes it worse... (Score 1) 85

I think we're in violent agreement (;-))

Like you, I expect that cost-averse vendors will be reluctant to add anything pricey to the board. I was thinking of an independent radio chipset that could be locked down separately form the general-purpose processor, you were thinking of DRM. I understand this is what some cell phones have, and that there is a push toward getting rid of the extra expense...

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