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Comment: Re:Numbers in summary contradict headline (Score 1) 146

by aliquis (#48477941) Attached to: Renewables Are Now Scotland's Biggest Energy Source

Yeah, add all renewable to each other but separate all the non-renewables.

More fair to say "All renewable energy sources generate more energy than any single .." or something.

Or just say it has surpassed nuclear (and coal I guess one can say without confusing people if one state the amounts of each.)


Health Advisor: Ebola Still Spreading, Worst Outbreak We've Ever Seen 222

Posted by samzenpus
from the like-wildfire dept.
Lasrick writes After four decades of confining Ebola outbreaks to small areas, experts acknowledged in an October 9 New England Journal of Medicine article that "we were wrong" about the scope of the current situation. At the present transmission rate, the number of Ebola cases in West Africa doubles every two to three weeks. Early diagnosis is the key to controlling the epidemic, but that's far easier said than done: "And there are several complicating factors. For one thing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that 60 percent of all Ebola patients remain undiagnosed in their communities." A transmission rate below 1 is necessary to keep the outbreak under control (instead of the current rate of 1.5 to 2), and the authors detail what's in the works to help achieve early detection, which is crucial to reducing the current transmission rate.

Comment: Re:Funny Timing (Score 1) 61

by aliquis (#48432143) Attached to: The Nintendo DS Turns 10

I don't get it for Zelda on the DS either really.

Though I appreciated my time in the first game for some reason. Guess it's because it was the first Zelda game I actually experienced & played through (I had played Zelda on NES but wasn't good enough on it to have any clue where I was going, also tried Link but had even less of a clue there.)

Half of the game is spent transporting yourself from some point to another point with repetitive game play, many of the puzzles are similar and repetitive too and the flute playing part in the second one was frustrating because it was hard to get it to play as intended and I didn't knew what sort of "errors" it accepted which made it easier to get a pass.

Anyway, to me it's played part for the story and mostly for interesting puzzles but the transportation just seem like a filler.

It's not much of an open world either, some "quests" may be unlocked as you go in older places but it all bring you further in the story and I guess you may have to do it all to get there (or maybe some is of collecting swag to be able to upgrade your train in the later case.)

So it give you this world where you can move to any place you want in it (well, after they are opened up) but there's no reason to because only one or some points will allow you to travel further in the game. So you're just wasting time in dull game-play for the sake of it.

Comment: Re:Funny Timing (Score 1) 61

by aliquis (#48432127) Attached to: The Nintendo DS Turns 10

I think the Atari Lynx is my favourite.

I played it in stores a few times and it was massive, good looking, back-lit color screen!

The games may have been bad what do I know and it was big but .. It's such a cute device.

Such beauty:
Not this one:
The Sega game gear I never felt the attraction for:

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