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Comment Re:Is this really international news? (Score 1) 153

It works in Finland all the same. We got the absurd "civilization being destroyed in Finland due to university budget cuts" story on Slashdot for the exact same reason -- the politically lefty types want to create a negative sentiment abroad that they can then point to, and demand that we must do something to fix our emerging bad reputation. As if we'd been seen as some shining beacon of everything great and good before...

Mean-while the Swedish left know that Sweden was the shining beacon of everything right in moral and society, until the RACISTS came and ruin it all thanks to the oh so aggressive and hateful right-wing media (You may not know Swedish media but it's rather full of denial, "taking responsibility" for not letting out the truth or post negative news or opinions about immigration and an enormous share of relativism when it comes to immigrant criminality vs events which involve the horrible Swedish white men.)
If only Sweden was a little (=a lot) more totalitarian, expressing your opinion or the truth was a little more forbidden and everyone lied and sang "no racists on our streets!" a little louder and more often all would be well! Because reality can't hurt us! Only expressing what's reality can!

Mean-while in Sweden new police departments to tackle .. uhm.. "the thought opposition" are setup and they want to add a new sentence for slander with up to four times of jail punishment not for media with proper rights but for everyone else - may I assume to stop the "haters" from "guessing" that such and such offense was committed by such and who or to reveal details when the media don't because .. they are responsible and ethnicity is totally irrelevant even if the immigrants rape, murder, steal and cause all sorts of havoc! Because saying so would be raaacist!
Swedish integrity laws stop at two years of possible jail-time so by setting it at four they can demand out IP logs and such for these heavy offenses by those who wonder or want to say what's really going on.

Welcome to Sweden:

Comment Re:Is this really international news? (Score 1) 153

Gotta pay for more "diversity" coming into the country.

I thought the other way around.

That the teachers of both Copenhagen and Helsinki university was all welcome to Sweden to help educate all the arriving orcs who need to be taught to become proper elves here.

(Of course Copenhagen and Helsinki scientifically but not value-educated personal may not be seen as correct co-workers at a Swedish university nowadays. Feminist anti-white Marxist Islamist or GTFO.)

Comment Re:Uh? (Score 1) 306

Ah, ok, maybe I got it wrong.

The 486s at school used to show 33 I guess and I thought (but now when you say I think I knew they didn't) they ran at 66 and maybe hence the button brought it down to 33 I thought.. Assuming that possibly there was other chips with a 25 MHz base-clock which would switch between 50 and 25.

But ok, from 25 or in this case 33 to 8 then. The display may not have changed the value in school but possibly a diode to show that the button had been pressed.

I still used my Amiga back in those days but most likely knew it was 8 MHz back then but it's not something I've been regularly effected by myself so .. obviously it wasn't important enough for my memory to remember correctly :)

Comment Re:Freedom of Speech is the key. (Score 1) 664

We've had our freedom of press laws in Sweden for about 250 years.

Now people think they are to giving and need to be restricted ..

Of course it's getting worse, white genocide has to continue and whatever the political agenda is have to conquer the humans whose land, culture and people one is invading, destroying, plundering and taking their rights (of the land and rule of it together with themselves) away from them.

Comment Re:Can't even deanonymize the USD transactions (Score 1) 158

as I don't have TWO forms of government issued picture IDs.

In Sweden you can no longer take out a drivers license licensed by someone in your family with a valid ID.

However you can get a passport (and ID I think) that way and use that to get the drivers license. Don't ask me how the logic are there.

Anyway that additional "security" regarding a drivers license (guess the difference may be that it also allow you to drive on top of just identifying yourself) seem like such a joke when 90%? of the people who come here claim to not have or have lost their passport and can if they want to make up their identity on the spot. The Moroccan youths who run away stealing and robbing in the cities get away with it because they just say they are minors and that's the end of that. They don't have to BE minors because of that. And the 25-30 year old Afghan men who claim to be teens are put into care homes with possibly some actual children and other men and are treated like children because they have lied their way into the country.

And rapists, murderers and terrorists get to stay regardless because it's unsafe back home, they are even free to do additional trips, no problem.

We don't know who they are, they can do whatever and nothing is done to act in the interest of the actual Swedish people, but supposedly for an actual Swede getting identification using an actual relative with an actual ID it's complicated ..

Comment Re:Can't even deanonymize the USD transactions (Score 1) 158

(.. and when they have removed the bills what protection do they have from sending a piece of gold instead?)

Also what about the black market regarding jobs?

The state is the problem itself. Here in Sweden it didn't used to be like that but by now it is because it's their free gifts and lack of border control and relativism and giving the country away and risking their people and so on which is all that's bad with Sweden.

Comment Re:Can't even deanonymize the USD transactions (Score 1) 158

And what about cash?

For some reason we just got new bills in Sweden, a country where the majority by fair pay with their cards. Why not scrap cash altogether? But oh no, stupid new bills and coins for some idiotic reason, likely just to remove our kings from them so they become more multicultural and anonymous.
(They put a boat and some runes on one of them, but no Arabic text! That's racist!)

Anyway, of course they can demand identity for a cash payment but what if someone ignore that demand if nothing else? What protection do they have from an envelope with some bills in it?

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1825

Still possible to be moderated flame-bait and troll even when you really aren't / intend to be one.

I think those are rather often misused even though they shouldn't. I don't know if using over-rated is accepted to be used or when it's supposed to be used, at-least it doesn't put an message on the post saying it's irrelevant / no-one should care.

Off-topic posts get moderated off-topic sometimes and I understand the idea of keeping things on topic and I guess it make the comments more interesting for more readers possibly but personally I view it as discussions which can go anywhere, or did, and I kinda want to be able to branch of out of something. Maybe that shouldn't be done and doesn't belong but it's how I work :)

Maybe the first post of a branched off thread could become pink and with hidden content and everything below it hidden and just have a link to "branched off discussion" which opened another page with those comments for those who were interested in following that part? =P

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 3, Funny) 39

I'm not buying into obsolete technology. I'll wait and see what Graphene can do.

What about if you roll up sheets of graphene to make little cylindrical tubes. Then use them as fibres. IOW you may wish to consider the relationship between carbon nanotubes and graphene.

Carbon... Call me when they make tubes out of diamonds instead.

Comment Re:What the doctor ordered... (Score 1) 698

I didn't followed the idea of someone else who replied to you who suggest to use the path first, and not act fast, and so on.

Anyway I had a keyboard where the shift key didn't worked no longer (back in the days when the keyboard wasn't mechanical.)

I wanted to remove all the files and did rm -rf followed by what was intended to be a * on the numerical keypad but it's not one I use often (maybe I did then to reach directories and type *?), anyway I ended up with a / and that was how that happened. (Return followed quickly because I was done with the line, I though.)

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