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Comment: Re:brave nerd on bleeding edge of wearable nerdine (Score 2) 1198

Or just stay out of Europe. In case you've not seen the news lately, the EU is turning into a pretty violent place with citizens attacking police & vice versa.

I heard the US is full of mad people with big guns who keep going to McDonald's and make the larger carnagge ever.

There, are we done with stupid stereotypes? Or should we Europeans continue counter-attacking with the stupid lost American tourist?

Only on slashdot - stupid and desperately misinformed stereotypes modded 5 insightful.

Comment: Re:Whats the difference... (Score 1) 486

by alfredos (#40605451) Attached to: Hackers Steal Keyless BMW In Under 3 Minutes
As a former BMW car owner and current BMW motorcycle owner, my experience is quite the opposite. Not cheap indeed, but not expensive either and at all times very professional. I claim no serious study but my company owns a Smart (which is maintained by Mercedes, at least here in Spain) and I find BMW far more reasonable.

Comment: Re:If you're going to crash (Score 1) 239

by alfredos (#39879745) Attached to: Electric Airplane Ready For Production

Thanks Commander Data. That was very informative.

I beg to differ, ensign Crusher. Many fatal crashes on small (propeller, single engine) airplanes could be avoided if the pilot had taken gliding lessons. Also, small and low altitude have a high correlation but, as usual, correlation is not causation - many small airplanes out there can fly into altitudes on which loss of pressurization leaves precious little minutes of useful conscience before hypoxia makes the pilot lose it. Unfortunately, high performance requires altitude - that's why the airliners take the trouble to go way up there.

Comment: Re:Telco power connectors (Score 1) 462

by alfredos (#38228818) Attached to: Are Data Centers Finally Ready For DC Power?

ADSL modem and ethernet router, same brand. Same connector for the DC power supply. Opposite polarities. So if they were ever unplugged at the same time there was a 50% chance of letting the magic smoke out, which did happen.

A pair of devices so brokenly designed can't, of course, include a series diode. Oh no, that would cost one more cent per device - prohibitive!

Comment: Re:Edison reaching out from beyond the grave (Score 1) 462

by alfredos (#38228720) Attached to: Are Data Centers Finally Ready For DC Power?

Electric power steering feels like crap, though

As a 3rd gen Prius user, I beg to differ. Granted, it's not the addictive feel of a BMW coupe, but it feels just fine and if I have to find something needing improvement it's the initial response. But I am rather pleased with this car's handling and especially its power steering, all things considered.

Comment: Re:Sometimes they get it right (Score 2) 225

by alfredos (#38058024) Attached to: EU Approves Unified Full Body Scanner Regulations

you can have guns

You say that as if it was a great thing. What is so cool about everyone in a country with a nine-digit population (which statistically makes the percentage of insane people millions) being able to have deadly weapons with them at all times?

Personally, in that regard I feel much more secure in my country (which is in the EU, by the way) because people can carry guns if: (a) they work for the police, (b) they work for the army (and then not at all times) or (c) has been life-threatened, and a judge decides the threat is serious. All of them have to pass an exam to assess their suitability to carry guns, kind of ensures his/her sanity. Add to that another special permit for sports, which does also require an examination, and allows only for certain classes of weapons and ammunitions. Net result? No guns in the streets. Almost no deaths by gunfire. When there is a shot in the street, it hits the news because it's so rare.

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