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Comment: Re:Bioware (Score 1) 168

by ahsile (#35428944) Attached to: <em>Dragon Age II</em> Released

Still a fan of most things BioWare (minus the star wars crap). I believe after I finish Dragon Age II it will be time to pull out the BG/ToB/BGII CDs. My wife will hate me for it, since I'll be playing for countless hours... But my netbook will probably handle them ok. So... I could play it in front of the TV and just smile and agree with whatever she says, just like normal.

Comment: Re:Counterpoints (Score 1) 305

by ahsile (#34479422) Attached to: Gamers Abandoning DS, PSP In Favor of Smartphones

Yes, I probably would. If there were some good games out for the PSP I would fire it up more often. The problem is that right now, in terms of value, I'm much further ahead playing free (or very cheap) games on the phone. The games on the phone are probably much cheaper to make too! An indie developer could crank one out much faster than it would take to get a full fledged game out on to the PSP or the DS.

Comment: Re:Counterpoints (Score 1) 305

by ahsile (#34479146) Attached to: Gamers Abandoning DS, PSP In Favor of Smartphones

I'm actually in this group. I own a PSP, and have an old GBA I used to use for long trips. The GBA is still nice for when kids come over and I don't want them to break my PSP, but then again... I hardly play the darned thing these days. Every time I look through the store for new games for the PSP there's just nothing there that's interesting (this includes the PSN).

If I have a need for mobile gaming I just fire up my android phone... lots of games on there which are either free, or really cheap. And I already have my phone in my pocket. No need to carry around an extra device any more!

Comment: Re:How hard is it? (Score 1) 374

by ahsile (#30355030) Attached to: Palm Sued Over Palm Pre GPL Violation

Communications companies are taking steps to actively avoid being turned into "bit-pushers", as they called it at my previous employer. They are resorting to slimy tactics such as putting intentional packet jitter on traffic in order to degrade service for applications like VOIP. Of course, if you want to avoid the jitter you can pay for that! Don't underestimate how much effort a TelCo will pursue in order to avoid having their revenues shrink.

Comment: Re:Android = no native code support (Score 1) 263

by ahsile (#28379939) Attached to: Nvidia Lauds Windows CE Over Android For Smartbooks

Let's just say that I'm currently working on an application for my employer that targets mobile devices (Win CE/Mobile) and tablet pcs (XP/Vista) at the same time. Even using .NET and the Compact .NET framework we have to do a TON of refactoring for GUIs. Heck, there's even basic classes/methods that you would expect to be available on the mobile version but aren't there. It ends up being a lot of code being ifdef'd (#if...) for each version.

Comment: Re:True , but... (Score 2, Interesting) 240

by ahsile (#27844525) Attached to: A History of <em>Rogue</em>

We banned death progs... for just such a reason. You could have them if the admins tested and approved them.

I remember once as a junior immortal I was building an area, and set one of my mobs to load some weapons from a different area since I hadn't built any of my own yet. I managed to send the mud into a huge death spiral the next reboot as my area was loaded before the other area. That meant that I was trying to load objects which didn't exist yet... *kaboom*

I continued to be an immortal there for a long long time, and eventually graduated to be a coder. It's been a while, but I still fire up the code at times and walk through the areas. The imagination some of our builders had was amazing! New games pale in comparison.

I'm going to turn it on right now for some fun.


Comment: Re:I Would Have Allowed It (Score 5, Informative) 408

by ahsile (#27794787) Attached to: NoScript Adds Subscriptions To Adblock Plus

Currently you can't actually delete the list, only disable it. If you delete the list, it will come back the next time you load firefox. I have actually tried this myself and it is very obnoxious.

I was looking on the noscript forums, and I did find this:

On the other hand, I guess I'll have to work overnight to release immediately: it prompts users beforehand (something I announced 10 minutes after's release), and also fixes the bug which allows the filterset only to be disabled, rather than removed. That's a genuine bug, but is being nonetheless singled out as a malicious behavior by Wladimir...

While I don't know if I believe this or not, it's at least the way it should have been from the start.


+ - Slow Read Speed With Intel SSD->

Submitted by
XPS M2010
XPS M2010 writes "I have a Dell laptop XPS M 2010 and just bought a Intel SSD. The read speed should be 250MB/sec and I'm only getting 110-115MB/sec. Spent many hours with Intel tech support and they don't know. This is my second SSD from Intel because I thought the first one wasn't working properly, the new one they sent, same thing. Dell says the XPX M 2010 supports 250MB/sec, the chipset I have is: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM/GMS/940GML Express Chipsets or Intel(R) 945GT Express Chipset. Any help would be highly appreciated. My e-mail address is: BoJ.Fenner@MunitechMotorcars.com Speed checked with HD Tune and several others... I do have the latest firmware. I do have the latest drivers."
Link to Original Source
Operating Systems

+ - Why must Linux be case sensitive? 3

Submitted by Twillerror
Twillerror (536681) writes "Recently I got an orginally Windows developed web based application up and running on Linux by using JFS without case sentivity. Code referenced files in a case insentive fashion(not ideal I know). Which got me thinking about the merits of both approaches.

This question also seems to have a lot of emotion behind it from the *nix community which confuses me. I can't for the life of me understand why you would want a directory with both text.txt and Test.txt in it. I like the fact that most OSs keep the fact that it is Test.txt, and don't store test.txt, but that is where it stops. Many of the conversations I see out there bring programming languages into the mix which I think is seperate. Also, I've seen misguided posts that say Linux can do "ls -a" and "ls -A" which has nothing to do with this as well.

Can we have an honest discussion about exactly what would break on Linux and why are worlds would stop functioning? I get the consistency argument, but can't that be implemented at the programming languaging or script processing level(determined by that community) and not at the OS level? If you dont' want bash to execute "LS" and only execute "ls" is that for bash to decide and not ext3? I'm also concerned about interoperability."

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