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Comment Re:It's the big problem with space games (Score 2) 39

Or, if I blow up a bunch of cargo ships carrying spaceship parts...

Actually, there should be some lag, until merchants find out what's happened, and the effect should expand gradually as the news spreads. And, that means you have a window of opportunity to buy up as much of those parts as you can before prices go up, assuming that you can get your instructions to your agents fast enough.

Comment Re:One stray ; burned a week... (Score 1) 263

My worst bug ever was a third order bug (A changes B, which later results in C being changed, which finally manifests as visible defect D).

This occurred four hours into a full bore system integration test.

This was using a Z8000 CPU We wound up having to put an ICE on the thing, but because of all the radio signals, the ICE cable had to go into the case, the gap sealed with foil, and the ICE cable also wrapped in foil. Then we recorded (using analog cassette tape) all the FSK radio signals, and play them back into the boxen.

The Z8000 compiler used jump tables and the CPIR (compare/increment/repeat) instruction to implement switch statements. I was the kernel guru, and the error appeared out of a kernel error message. We didn't have any memory protection.

What happened was that someone ignored a return value, and wound up indexing something by -1, which eventually wound up modifying a switch table...

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Journal Journal: Chronicle: A little kayaking

On Sunday, i wanted to go kayaking at Kensington Metropark, which i've done in the past. I aimed to leave at 3 with a friend for the 20 minute drive, but we got there after 5. Regardless, they weren't renting boats due to high winds. So, off we went to Heavner Canoe & Kayak Rental, instead, which was on the way, and he had wanted to go to anyw

Comment Re:It's the humidity for me (Score 1) 340

Exactly - humidity plays a large role in the apparent temperature. Unfortunately, it's far easier to make it cool and 80%RH than to have a moderate temperature and 50%RH. Pulling moisture out of the air is an expensive prospect. Having spent time in cleanrooms and some precision manufacturing facilities, there is nothing quite so refreshing as walking in from oppressive heat and humidity to a 23C room with 50% RH.

I have a wood shop space where I don't have air conditioning, but I have a dehumdifier that can keep the place about 50% RH. Even at 25C - which is about as warm as it gets in the summer in that area - it's fairly comfortable work in.

Comment FTFY (Score 1) 340

If the average office worker was predominately dressed in a 3 piece suit then its not sexist its accurate for the time and probably out of date due to changing work place norms of various types.

There's no need to single out men. Put a woman in a three piece suit and she'll probably find 21-22C fairly comfortable.

Comment Capitalism missing transparency (Score 1) 567

For free markets to stand a chance, consumers need to be able to be able to quantify an employer's track record at purchase time.

Without this information being easily accessible at purchase time, lower price will always win no matter what. So instead of advocating socialism (which breaks down because who wants to work when they don't have to?) lets focus on exposing the employer-record metric.

Comment They should make them all core subjects (Score 3, Insightful) 116

Learning doesn't happen in a vacuum. Every subject, addressed properly, will have spillover - even if it's just as an expansion of the curriculum to create a feeling of value to a student concerning the learning environment.

But, of course, when they're all considered "Core" subjects, none of them are core subjects - they're just curriculum. Pixar said it best - when everybody is special, nobody is special. And then we're back to where we started.

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