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Comment Re:Totally Revolutionize is a remarkable overstate (Score 1) 459

Twelve seats out of 400+. However, they are also sitting on school boards, and the like, making more of a "difference" at the local, not state level. Unfortunately, most of the people who already live there think most of these guys are fucking idiots for doing shit like dropping their pistols on the floor (improperly securing them in their holsters) in the state House, and have basically Ted Cruz'd themselves with the conservatives already in the state. They picked New Hampshire because they liked, generally, what they saw, and are now determined to turn it into hell.

Source: I've met a lot of ex-new hampshire residents and drove through Keane a week or so before their stupid pumpkin riots.

Comment Re:Safely??? (Score 1) 101

Why do we have to land on first try? I would think we could do like we did with the moon: several manned trips to orbit Mars, test the actual transit technology, with a couple probe drops (and possible launch/recoveries). Kudos for wanting to get it all on the first shot, but this could be several missions before we actually put a boot on the surface and try to return it.

Comment Re:Is it time dump / rework the degree system? (Score 1) 55

The biggest challenge in my mind are the legions of cheaters who want to game the system (i.e. not doing the work/taking the tests themselves). I mean, this isn't much different from real, physical college, but at least in real, physical college it can be a bit more difficult to do.

I'm currently enrolled in a real credit-granting/transferrable class at edX. I'm personally learning a lot (or, rather, relearning), but I can tell there's a lot of students, based on the discussions, who really aren't up to the level that the class requires*.. This will also always be an issue. I can't imagine what the drop rate looks like.

*meaning if there's a job on the line, it would encourage some folks to engage in less than honest methods to achieve the grads, rather than seek the knowledge

Comment Re:Surprise! We're a young, violent race (Score 2) 151

And then you have people that are just assholes. I was more than content to be left to my own devices in school, for example, but there were some fucking jocks who just couldn't let me have my peace. Macho bullshit has been around for a very long time. I don't see any reason to believe that ancient humans also had their fair share of jocked out fuckwads.

Comment The same way every student learns biology? (Score 1) 317

It doesn't have to be a deep understanding of CS, but instead a class that covers the core concepts: a basic language, a basic introduction to a data structure or two, and a couple algorithms: what's an algorithm? Kinda like how in Biology class, you get the basics of Biology, and if you like it, you go on to college and realize what you learned in High School was just barely scratching the surface.

I mean, I've made it a hobby to read some "programming for teens" type books and am amused at how when working through the exercises you get a good sense of accomplishment. And then you get to SICP or similar and realize that you've been walking around in baby shoes and now you finally get to something with real meat in it: here be dragons. Anyone can learn to code. Anyone. Can they code worth a damn? Can they code in a manner that is efficient? Can they code in a manner that is readable, maintainable, and well documented? Can they code in a manner that some kid in the Ukraine can't tease out an exploit and use it to steal every penny your grandma has in savings? Those are not so easy.

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