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Comment Because it's soul-killing, uncreative shit. (Score 5, Interesting) 468

I can't speak for anyone else, but most "tech jobs" I've held were with companies whose futures and business I had no stake in, nor interest in having stake in, and the work to be routinely uninteresting where creativity was actively discouraged (for good reasons, many times), individuality was suppressed, and I was treated as a replaceable cog (and I was). I'm fortunate in that I have many other outlets for my creative needs, but dealing with corporate bureaucracy, idiot bosses, etc does take its toll. The paychecks are nice and allow me to have a comfortable life outside of work, but I will say that after 2 decades, I'm ready to throw in the towel and do something else, even if it means downsizing again.

Comment Re:Ideology not reality ... (Score 2) 153

I find it extremely weird that people whom otherwise demand empirical, scientifically validated (or at least, the potential for scientifically validated) proofs for everything in their lives latch on to the Religion of von Mises. "Proof! Proof! Proof! Except for my pet theory of economics..."

Comment Re:Get some fucking hobbies. (Score 1) 829

It would also help if you didn't go around telling everyone how much money you're worth. T-shirt and jeans, move to a new city, just be one of the crowd. (change your name if you have to)... If no one knows you're a billionaire, but maybe at best some kid with a trust fund, you can still be a regular person...

Comment Get some fucking hobbies. (Score 1) 829

Seriously, I would have no such problems with 2.5 billion. it would allow me to dip my toes into many, many things without the worry of financial ruin. I could throw 10-20 million at various projects and get involved with the actual process, and possibly help change the world for the better. I could do things on a whimsy. Shit, I would start another band and tour 9 months out of the year, but wouldn't have to weigh "gas, food, or a motel room because the floor in that house is soaked in cat piss and roaches". (I still wouldn't do a goddamned tour bus though..) But then again, I have very simple "needs", but lots of interests.

Comment Re:So it's not unlimited, then... (Score 2) 331

Well, that's exactly what their contract says; it's not weaseling. My contract says unlimited phone data, with explicit exclusions for tethering. The fact that they let me tether is amazing enough but I do watch my usage when I'm tethered because I'm not a fucking asshole.

Comment SO.. he wants to be the debeers of space platinum? (Score 1) 61

Because as others have noted, if he gets platinum in quantity, dumping it on the earth would drive the price through the floor unless his group can carefully control the rate of insertion into the marketplace, or find industries that could use platinum but don't because the current price is too high.

Comment Re:4/5 in favor (Score 1) 755

(d) It may encourage more risk taking. If I know I can give something my all knowing that I can lose everything, but still have a very basic existence, I'll be much more likely to follow my dreams, as will many others. How many times have you met some brilliant people who are afraid to put it on the line because they don't want to lose their benefits from the job they hate, but it beats being destitute? Even in the highly paid world of software development, there's a lot of hand-wringing about "what if I fail and my family starves" mentality. Just because the economy is great now (theoretically) makes no guarantees about tomorrow. Web 2.5's house of cards can finally collapse and we'll be seeing armies of javascript dudes trying to wash your car windows (oh, but they'll have an app for that).