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Comment: Re:Ridiculous (Score 5, Insightful) 112

by Rinikusu (#49288519) Attached to: How To Make Moonshots

A boy once asked a successful businessman what makes a man successful?

"Good decisions, my boy, good decisions!"

The boy thought for a moment and then asked how does a man learn how to make good decision?

"Bad decisions, my boy, bad decision."

I've found in life life I learn more from my mistakes than my successes. Similar to how poker players can rarely tell you about all the pots they've won, it's the big ones they lost that stand out in their minds.

Feel free to change gender of the examples. It doesn't change the message.

Comment: Re:Transparency in Government is good! (Score 1) 334

The Tea Party has shown that you don't need a third party to shift your party's stance on issues. By all rights, Tea Party doctrine was originally Libertarian Light, but realized the futility of supporting the Libertarian party with all it's other fruits and nuts to contend with. Occupy failed to materialize in any tangible gains for the Democrats (although it's fair to say Occupy was a type of Libertarian stance in and of itself: Many aligned with the "too much government" side; others in the "we need more regulation" side), but other than Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, most dems are doomed to taking safe routes to Capitol Hill. It's a shame, really, I'd love to see a full on crazy vs crazy war; at least it would force us to really examine the issues at stake.

To spot the expert, pick the one who predicts the job will take the longest and cost the most.