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Comment Re:Crazy! (Score 1) 459 459

You are aware that those weapons were not the weapons we were looking for, right? We already knew about their previous stockpile: we sold it to them (as the joke goes). We went, ostensibly, to stop their "current' WMD program which was supposed to be used to destroy israel, supplied to AQ (because Hussein and AQ were on such great terms) to attack the US and other US allies, etc. But we found absolutely dick in that regards. So, shut the fuck up.

Comment Re:Why reddit and not forums/usnet? (Score 1) 452 452

You need users to have a successful forum. Like it or not, Reddit has mindshare/views and has somehow managed to fulfill the "one site, one login" for many of my needs. We get the best parts of slashdot (news and articles) posted, alongside commentary, discussion and what not. Granted, each subreddit is different in the amount and quality of participation, but that's with any forum, as well. I only started using reddit about 2 years ago, and I do find it lacking (how can it not accurately keep up with up/down votes? Oh shit, I said something bad, here comes the downvote brigade. etc). But for programming languages and the like, it's where I keep abreast of developments in, say, clojure, javascript, etc without subscribing to a ton of email lists or having to scan through a ton of blogs (thanks, Google Reader. RIP). It really does feel like a community of 20 somethings and as an old fart, I can't help but chuckle at a lot of these kids who act like they've just discovered masturbation and are busy trying to tell everyone about it while the old men just let them have their moment (because if they don't they'll get downvoted or worse: shadow banned)...

I still read /. for a reason. Yes, sometimes the news is old by time I get to it, but frankly, I'm here 90% for the comments. We still have a much more mature and informed userbase, IMO.

Comment The influences of my youth (Score 1) 44 44

Mondo 2000. Propaganda (yeah, the artsy-fartsy goth magazine). Lots of technology and satan plus a healthy dosage of Industrial and Punk music. Yeah, I didn't make billions of dollars during the dotcom rush, but at the same time I have enough of a healthy distrust in everyone to recognize the modern CEO/Tech Pundit "talks" are nothing more than cult building.

On the other hand, I kinda wish I had billions of dollars.

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