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Comment: Re:Well (Score 1) 680

by ageoffri (#49540509) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden
I'm in my late 30's and I say we give him the Medal of Freedom and then hang him. He is both a hero and a traitor. He willingly and knowingly violated an oath he gave freely and definitely hurt international relations and likely cost American lives. At the same time he exposed a massive program that violates the public fundamental foundation of the United States.

Snowden committed civil disobedience. Which means he did break the law, but it was his moral duty to do so. He still needs to be held responsible for his actions.

Comment: Retention is a nice bonus to the owner (Score 2) 482

by ageoffri (#49486943) Attached to: Seattle CEO Cuts $1 Million Salary To $70K, Raises Employee Salaries
If he is going to pay somewhere around twice market rate, he is putting chains made of dollars around his employees. It is very likely that no one getting one of these big raises will be able to leave his company for other opportunities. This can also setup employees to have to endure abusive work conditions that don't violate the law but still are bad.

I'm not saying this is a bad move, but it may not be a purely good move for the employees.

Comment: Re:This is fucking stupid. (Score 1) 279

by ageoffri (#49463287) Attached to: Researchers Developing An Algorithm That Can Detect Internet Trolls
It is trivial to deal with a troll, detecting them is the hard part. Once you have an automated system to detect trolls, you have many options to handle their posts. Delete the post, hide the post, ban the account, and those are just the starters. Any 1st year CS student could write the code to take action against a troll.

Comment: Re:It is this post's parent post that is a lie. (Score 1) 587

by ageoffri (#49419801) Attached to: Hugo Awards Turn (Even More) Political
You are the one who obviously needs remedial English Comprehension course. Let me start by quoting almost half of the summary

Last year, the Hugo Awards went to mostly minorities and women. In response, a fan group decided to fight back against what they saw as a liberal attack on their medium.

This clearly shows that Sad Puppies is in response to the winners of Hugo awards last year. Which is wrong on two fronts. First as you are unable to understand, this is Sad Puppies 3, as in the 3rd year it has been run. Second Sap Puppies nominees are all over the political spectrum and include women.

Comment: Re:What's "bleak" about Starship Troopers? (Score 3, Insightful) 587

by ageoffri (#49417277) Attached to: Hugo Awards Turn (Even More) Political
Discounting the movies which are vary from bad to downright horrible, I do find Starship Troopers a dystopian future. In the first handful of pages you have terror weapons being used on Skinnies, something to the effect of "I'm a bomb and will explode in 30 seconds". Tactical nuclear weapons being shot off left and right. Just with the opening I don't want a future where these are valid military tactics.

One of the core concepts of the book is the franchise is only available through Federal service. So in order to vote you must be indoctrinated into the government and there is no concept of loyal opposition. I don't recall the exact name, but everyone was required to take a class along the lines of History and Moral practices. One thing that has always stood out for me in those sections is the concept of total war. Again I may have the specifics wrong, but the teachers makes a comment about "ask the leading fathers of Carthage how war never solves anything" Implying that wiping out your enemies is not only a valid tactic but is the best one.

At the end with the last drop of Rico's Roughnecks, humanity is appearing to win. But I would say it is at the cost of what makes humans in general good and noble.

A key message throughout the book is that the ends justify the means, that to me is bleak.

Comment: Re:Honestly (Score 3, Interesting) 587

by ageoffri (#49414515) Attached to: Hugo Awards Turn (Even More) Political
Heck you don't have to give Baen your money. For a very long time they have run their free library with quite a few books available in multiple eReader formats. For a long time Baen held out against Amazon and Barnes & Noble by only selling eBooks through their site in order to keep the cost to readers down.

Comment: Re:So, the end result is ... (Score 5, Interesting) 587

by ageoffri (#49414471) Attached to: Hugo Awards Turn (Even More) Political
As opposed to the Tor dominated Hugo's that had a blacklist of authors. The Hugo's have been political for a long time, but it was an unopposed political bias. Now the politics have been challenged.

Have you seen the numerous reviewers and authors who have stated that they will not read any Sad Puppies related work because it is was part of the slate? They have already come to the conclusion that anything Sad Puppies related is not worthy of winning a Hugo. Some have said they will read the Sad Puppies works but regardless of merit will rank them below No Award because of politics.

Comment: Re: Oh, Okay (Score 1) 587

by ageoffri (#49414421) Attached to: Hugo Awards Turn (Even More) Political
Your selections from Science Fiction may have been the more Utopian style that Star Trek popularized, but post-apocalyptic and dystopian Science Fiction has long been popular. Some of Heinlein's works were very bleak, have you ever read Starship Troopers? Jerry Pournelle's chronicled the downfall of human society over a long period. Authors like Larry Niven contributed to the War World novels which again take place in a dystopian universe.

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