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Submission + - What are you using your Amazon Echo for?

ageoffri writes: I finally got my Amazon Echo in on Friday. So far I've been accused of brining witchcraft into the house, so what useful things have my fellow /.'ers done with their Echo's? I've already added some recipes from IFTTT, and working on building more playlists in Prime Music. I'd love to add WeMo light switches, but from what I can see there aren't any that are black and dimmable just yet.

Submission + - Opps! Printer releases Google earnings early, big drop->

ageoffri writes: The printer filed the Google results hours before they were supposed and with the earnings not meeting expectations Google stock got hammered. Hope the printer has good business insurance, though it wouldn't surprise me to see that printer go out of business. Who will trust them now?
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Submission + - Remember when video games didn't suck?->

ageoffri writes: Remember when programmers had to design fun and engaging games with just a handful of bytes? When 8-bit graphics were ever so amazing? There is a trend to bring back games that are more then just pure action, games that make you think, plan and perhaps most importantly are family friendly. Here is one such attempt to bring back a classic game from the early 80's. M.U.L.E. is one of the most critically acclaimed video games, with even people like Will Wright praising it. Add in modern game mechanics from classic like Settlers of Catan and you have the potential to bring together the best aspects of video and board games together. Then to make the things even more interesting, add in a Kickstarter campaign to fund the recreation of M.U.L.E.

What other retro games would you like to see remade with modern graphics and game play tweaks?

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Submission + - Wielder of lightsaber defies police->

ageoffri writes: 33 year wannabe Jedi Knight proves that a lightsaber is greater then a taser. In a shocking display of skill the first taser is foiled with pure thought and the second has a wire cut before it can activate. Are midi-chlorians counts in current humans building back up to the levels from a time long ago?
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Submission + - Watch out Netflix, Amazon rolling in.->

ageoffri writes: "Amazon has announced that they will include streaming with a subscription to Amazon Prime. The free 2 day shipping on a huge selection of products either sold directly by Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon is already worth the Prime cost. Now add in streaming that works out to just under $7/month and it gets better. Sure the selection isn't that great yet but this has the ability to really change the streaming market!"
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