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Comment: Re:Give me battery or give me death (Score 2) 49 49

Agreed on the phones, 2mm thinner does nothing for me, but 2x more battery would change the way I use the phone. However since I started carrying a tablet as my primary remote work machine I have to disagree on that, saving a pound means I'm that much more likely to actually carry it with me.

Comment: Re: About time too (Score 1) 50 50

133,312km of coastline 319M people for for 418km per million inhabitants

19,717km of coastline for 64M people for 308km per million inhabitants

US 13,394 kwhr per capita
UK 5,700 kwhr per capita

So on a coastline per capita per kwhr the UK is ahead by a fair bit, but mostly because the US consumption is 235% higher. Ultimately though we have to bring our consumption in line with resources available so the coastline per capita number is the more interesting one to me.

Comment: Re: How did Rockefeller protect his pipe lines? (Score 1) 198 198

I never understood why the FCC didn't require cellular providers to provide the same level of backup power to cell sites as we had with the traditional POTS system. Even if you wanted to argue that it was originally a marginal value added service it became quite evident before we expanded beyond the A&B provider AMPS system that cellular was likely to displace wireline as the predominant terminal method in the future. I know there would have been some limitations to site placement in urban areas if they required a large battery room and a generator hookup but it would have provided us with a much more robust system. Perhaps they should require it for the fixed wireless installs that the telcos want to use to replace POTS.

Comment: Re:Refill (Score 2) 189 189

What in the printer is going to be damaged by stray toner? If stray toner was an issue then laser printers wouldn't exist because no fuser can possibly hope to keep every particle charged and then melted without any falling off. As to the carcinogenicity of carbon black I'll quote the EPA

RTECS posts a 90-day intermittent inhalation "lowest published toxic concentration" of 50mg/m3 for 6 hours/day (TOXID9, as cited in RTECS) for respiratory tract changes in the rat,

If you think that refilling a toner cart is going to result in anywhere near that concentration of carbon black in your house for that period of time I have a bridge or two I wish to sell you. You're as paranoid as the folks that rail against CFL's due to the tiny amount of inorganic mercury they contain.

Comment: Re:Kinda similar ... (Score 4, Informative) 189 189

The lost leader carts in new printers generally have half or less toner than replacements so you're paying 2-3x as much per print AND you're contributing to e-waste. What I do is buy a toner refill kit and fill up the out of box cart with the same amount of toner as you get in the "high capacity" cartridges that cost more than the printer in some cases. My last 5 bottle refill kit (2 black, CMY) was $30 and printed a few thousand pages.

Comment: Refill (Score 4, Interesting) 189 189

For most Brother cartridges you can find refill kits for a fraction of what even generic toner carts with poor reviews cost. I've had good luck with mine, though you WILL want to buy new end caps as they get damaged enough when you remove them that they will almost always leak toner which makes a mess and ruins prints.

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