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Comment: Re:innovation thwarted (Score 4, Insightful) 131

by afidel (#48434187) Attached to: Aereo Files For Bankruptcy

Actually, after the case was remanded the copyright office said that while they were a CATV system they could not just pay the compulsory licensing fees for some reason, it was a bizarre Catch 22 situation where they were a cable system for purposes of public retransmission under copyright law, but not for licensing purposes. Frankly it struck me as yet more proof of how corrupt and dysfunctional the system is.

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by afidel (#48419735) Attached to: Microsoft Azure Outage Across the Globe

Would governments be the only clients that private clouds truly make sense for?

Nah, we're on the small side of the S&P 500 and our "private cloud" has enough spare capacity to bring entire new projects online, spin up testing instances, provide an entire parallel Citrix farm (we're upgrading and want to have the old farm available for fallback in case we hit a critical bug), and still provide for the failure of up to two hosts without any overprovisioning. Infrastructure hardware and operating costs are less than 5% of our annual IT budget. For most companies that aren't doing massive public websites people and software costs will dominate over the cost of infrastructure.

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I installed it last night on all domain controllers after testing it in my isolated testing network. It's not really optional since it allows any domain user to become domain admin and the only resolution to that is a domain rebuild or authoritative restore. It's also already been seen in attacks in the wild so you can assume the next client to get driveby malware will be going for domain admin.

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No, the TLS flaw was MS14-066 and it affects XP as well but there is no generally available fix for it since XP is out of extended support. If you care at all about security you're no longer using XP so the fact that there is another critical flaw isn't going to significantly change the situation.

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Check out this map for an idea of minimum safe frost depths across the country, plenty of populated places are well below 4', and even those that are close to 4' probably have competing uses for that space just below the frost line. Then again with a horizontal bore cable layer it doesn't really matter whether it's 2' or 8' deep, the impact at the surface is all in the weight of the machine and the footprint of its treads.

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my internet bill has not increased since 1999 and my service is 7 times faster than it was in 1999

So? As you can see from graph 4 on this page wholesale bandwidth prices fell 700% in 5 years, you're 3 fold below that drop in price which is only possible because the last mile is a minimally competitive market (oligopoly).

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You don't have to be a tech wiz to manage an IT department. In fact my bosses boss is a business degree guy who managed malls before being thrust into IT management (he had run his own skunkworks IT group at a previous employer because their central IT was so horrible, new CEO came in, got wind of what he was doing and promoted him to CIO). What he DOES do is listen to both the business people AND his technical people. He won't force a solution that doesn't work for both sides and he won't promise anything to the business that we technically can't deliver. He's by far the best IT manager I've ever worked under. My direct supervisor is technical, and I'm a technical manager, but the guys running the show don't have to be tech guys for things to run correctly, they need to be good managers.

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I never worry about going home, my array has plenty of spare capacity to handle rebuilds, we schedule the technician when it's convenient to us, not when it's convenient for them or the array. When you have guard space for at least 4 disk failures (out of a few hundred) you deal with replacements in a less urgent manner than a traditional small RAID5 array in a standalone server. Within ~30 minutes of a failure or a predictive failure my arrays are back to 100% resiliency with slightly less guard space. It's one of many reasons why I only buy wide striped arrays.

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Those 5 SMART stats match up exactly with what I habitually look at on the job monitoring lots of RAID arrays' drives

Really? At my job I get notified that the array is ejecting a drive based on whatever parameters the OEM uses, it's already started the rebuild to spare space on the remaining drives, and a ticket has been dispatched to have a technician bring a replacement drive. If it's a predictive fail it generally doesn't notify until the rebuild has completed as it can generally use the "failing" drive as the source of the rebuild. Are you doing operations for a web scale company or something?

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PostgreSQL lacks a lot of features needed to compete with Oracle, things like online index rebuilds and multiple active instances for HA are critical for many businesses where the option to take down the database or a table for maintenance isn't acceptable. Even MS SQL hasn't really been a competitor for many of these mission critical installs until SQL 2012 where finally MS is at near feature parity with Oracle, but they've stuffed up their licensing enough that there's now little incentive to move given all the costs associated with changing anything in such environments.

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