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Submission Firefox Kills Favicons->

afabbro writes: "Favicons may seem harmless enough, but according to Mozilla, they can be pretty dangerous. Some sites set their favicon to a padlock. This behavior can trick users in to thinking that a site is using a secure connection when on an unsecured connection. Mozilla's solution is to drop favicons from Firefox altogether."
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Submission Apple "rationalizes a lot" About the Human Toll of->

afabbro writes: Apple says they have a rigorous program of removing suppliers who do not provide good working conditions in China. 'Privately, however, some former executives concede that finding new suppliers is time-consuming and costly. Foxconn is one of the few manufacturers in the world with the scale to build sufficient numbers of iPhones and iPads. "There's a lot of rationalization."'
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Submission Is this evidence that we can see the future? -> 2

afabbro writes: "Parapsychologists have made outlandish claims about precognition – knowledge of unpredictable future events – for years. But the fringe phenomenon is about to get a mainstream airing: a paper providing evidence for its existence has been accepted for publication by the leading social psychology journal. What's more, sleptical psychologists who have pored over a preprint of the paper say they can't find any significant flaws."
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Submission Auto Industry's Fastest Processor? 128Mhz-> 1

afabbro writes: GM stated that the 2011 Buick Regal will have the industry's fastest processor: 128Mhz, and 3MB of flash. "Three meg of flash memory and 128 MHz clock speed doesn’t sound like a lot in terms of computing power until you consider the environment these controllers have to live in. Our controllers are made to operate reliably up to 260 degrees (127C) and down to -40 degrees (-40C) for the life of the vehicle."
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Submission Neuromanceresque Coffins n Japan's Recession-> 1

afabbro writes: "Case had rented a coffin here, on a weekly basis, since he'd arrived in Chiba." Apparently, so do some some of Japan's homeless: Capsule Hotel Shinjuku 510 houses 700 fiberglass sleeping coffins, each 6 1/2 feet long by 5 feet wide, and not tall enough to stand up in.
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Role Playing (Games)

Submission Wizards of the Coast Sues Eight, Stops Legal PDFs

afabbro writes: Wizards of the Coast has filed suit against eight individuals for sharing the Player's Handbook 2 on various P2P sites. They've also pulled the plug on all legal PDFs through sites such as DriveThru RPG and RPGNow. Indeed, not only can these sites no longer sell legal PDFs of these books, but they must terminate all pending downloads — even for content already purchased.
The Courts

Submission SCOTUS Sides With Rambus Over FTC

afabbro writes: The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the FTC's bid to impose anti-trust peanalties on Rambus. Without comment, they let an appeals court decision favoring Rambus stand. The FTC found that Rambus undermined competition by getting secretly patented technology included in industry standards but the Supremes evidently didn't agree.
Classic Games (Games)

Submission Anatomy of the First Video Game (1958)

afabbro writes: Fifty years ago, before "Pong" and "Space Invaders," a nuclear physicist created "Tennis for Two," a 2-D tennis game that some say was the first video game ever. Built in 1958, it was "gynormous." "In addition to the oscilloscope screen and the controller, the guts of the original game were contained in an analog computer, which is "about as big as a microwave oven." "We have to load it into the back of a station wagon to move it. It's not a Game Boy that you put in your pocket."

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